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15 March 2015

Hello!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today! 

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

My characters, as well as my story introductions come to me in a dream. Now generally I never remember my dreams, except when they are the perfect beginnings to a story. In university, I always had trouble writing the introduction to any of my essays. I think my dreams are my consciousness’s way of overcoming that problem.

Q) Do you have any habits that get you in the writing frame of mind?

Not really. But there is one thing I can’t do while I’m writing a book, and that’s read someone else’s books. Hence the reason I have barely read anything of late. As soon as I finish one book, another book is already forming in my mind, compliments of a dream.
Q) Is this part of a series?  If so, tell us about it!

This is the first book in my first ever series. It’s loosely based around the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Devil, aka Death, is the vampire from this book. Then there’s a fae named Viper (Conquest), a mountain lion named Judge (War) and finally a warlock named Chaos (Famine).
Each of these men are ruthless. They are unforgiving when wronged and never fail to obtain that which they desire. Enter their mates, to mess up their organized lives.  

Q) If you could choose, which published author would you like to brainstorm with and why?

Bellann Summers and Honor James are my two brainstorm buddies. They give me a kick in the butt when I need it, and other times, guidance when I can’t get something straight in my head.

A little about myself

One day my prince charming came along. He just took a wrong turn, got lost, and was too stubborn to ask for directions. Well that was how my first date ended up with a special man, who is now my husband. Yes, you read correctly, I married him and haven’t regretted a minute. Thirteen years later, I have two wonderful boys (three if you include hubby, which I often do) and I’m following my dreams of writing romance books with HEAs, thanks to my supportive family.

I started writing several years ago. Mainly children’s books for my boys. Those will probably never get published. Then to quote Martin Luther King, “I had a dream!” As a rule I never remember my dreams, but this one I did, and I wrote it down. And the rest as they say is history. I currently have five books published and another due out in the next couple of weeks. At this stage they are all paranormal. What can I say? I love the big predatory mythological creatures so to offer them their own happy ever after was the least I can do.

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Devil Torments is a vampire living in a world where one man’s weakness paves the way for another man’s gain. When a gambling addict offers his daughter as payment for his debt, Devil accepts. Sex without strings is exactly the way he likes it. Love is a concept for fools, the ultimate weakness. Little does he know, he’s about to meet his mate…

In order to protect her best friend, nurse Gabby Winters must bow to her abusive father’s demands and offer her innocence to a stranger. She never expected to feel anything, let alone find herself irrevocably tied to the man. But can Gabby learn to accept that Devil’s scars run deep, and the love she’s spent her life secretly yearning for is forever out of reach?

If Devil thought that keeping Gabby at arm’s length would keep either of them safe, he was dead wrong. When danger lands at Gabby’s feet, it’s up to Devil to pick up the pieces. Will he come to realize that love isn’t a weakness and Gabby is his greatest strength, before it’s too late? Or will he lose the most precious gift of all?

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“What the fuck!” Devil shouted once the woman had left the office. To say he was furious would have been an understatement. Murderous thoughts ran wild through his mind.

“Who the hell told you she was a call girl?”

“I’ll give you one guess.”

“That asshole Harrison.”

Devil picked up the photo Jeffrey Harrison had given him. Only this time, his eyes saw something they had failed to earlier. The picture depicted the same woman from tonight minus the makeup. Her beauty and innocence shone through. How could he have missed it?

His murderous thoughts changed slightly. Instead of just killing Jeffrey Harrison, he planned on torturing the asshole first. What kind of father would sell their innocent daughter to pay off his gambling debts? No matter what sins he had committed, and the list was long, Devil knew that he would never contemplate such a thing. Yes, Jeffrey Harrison would pay for his crimes, and Devil would be the judge, jury, and executioner.

Though Devil had to concede that Jeffrey Harrison wasn’t the only one responsible for what had happened tonight. Devil had been just as responsible. He had been so wound up lately, that he hadn’t taken the time to appreciate this beautiful woman for what she was. Had he done so, he no doubt would have recognized the signs of inexperience and sent her away before he ruined her. Or at least recognized what she wasn’t, a call girl. He too needed to make amends, only it was for his stupidity and impatience.

As soon as he had seen the woman, he had become hard. It had been a long time since his cock had appreciated a woman so instantly. Her curves were on display in that tight little dress she wore. He’d dragged her into his hotel room, desperate to hide her amazing body from passersby. He wanted to be the only one to view such a delicious sight. She reminded him of the women from his youth. They enjoyed their food too much to worry about what they looked like. He rued the day that body image became an important factor in a woman’s life. Now, the first woman to pique his interest in a long time, and look at the way he had treated her. It was an error he would make amends for, but first he needed more information.

“I say you get that fucker on the phone and let’s hear what he has to say for himself,” Viper said, his fae yellow eyes coming to the forefront, highlighting what his body language failed to. He was pissed. He was known as Viper because he struck his prey hard and fast; they never knew what hit them until it was too late.

Devil followed Viper’s advice, and a few seconds later a ringing tone could be heard through the phone’s speaker. 

“Hello,” came the wary greeting.


“Um, yes, Mr. Torments. Was there a problem with Gabriella?” The man’s question had Devil emitting a low, menacing growl.

“Yes there’s a problem. She’s not a call girl like you insinuated.”

“Um, yes, well,” the man muttered down the phone.

“What did you tell her to get her here?” Devil demanded.

“The truth! It’s not like she’s innocent,” the man scoffed.

“What the hell did she ever do to you to gain such disregard?” Devil asked, furious at this man’s attitude toward Gabriella.

“She existed,” the man replied with venom in his voice. “Do you have any idea how difficult she made my life once my wife found out about her? Her presence all but killed my wife.”

Hearing enough of this man’s viciousness, Devil stated, in a voice that left no room for argument, “Tell me everything you know about her! Then you will stay out of her life. You will have to clear your debt with us without using your daughter any further. Do I make myself understood?”

The truth was, the money meant very little to him at the moment. Revenge was the only course of action in Devil’s mind. By the end of the phone call, he had this guy’s slow death all planned out. But first he needed to make things right with Gabriella. She deserved nothing less, and so much more. 

11 March 2015

Hello, Allyson!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today!   

It’s great to be back and I hope to be a regular visitor. (Which means getting down to business!)
Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?  

Often I wake up in the morning and the story idea is there. It always starts with the heroine and what she needs or has experienced. And off I go. Pantser supreme.

Q) Do you have any habits that get you in the writing frame of mind?

I require peace and quiet, a comfy chair and a big cup of coffee laced with low fat vanilla creamer. My sweet little laptop died Christmas Day and this new one isn’t my best friend, so I also need to remember to breathe and hold my temper.

Q) What are your upcoming projects?   

I continue to work on my science fiction Vanquished, but my muse either has an evil twin or she likes to mess with my head. Regardless, it will get done, if not the way I envisioned it! But like brownies, sometimes there are happy accidents. So fingers crossed for me, because I love my heroine!

Margaret Madeline O’Sullivan aka Maddy Powell, is on the run from two really bad guys. In hiding, she ventures out only to a Vantage, a BDSM club, living a lonely, isolated life during the day while exploring her submissive tendencies at night.

Rafe Mason and Connor Gillespie are accomplished Doms, ex-military men who are on the lookout for a submissive who will live with them in a permanent ménage. They set their sights on Maddy, and she finds herself fleeing two really good guys, because while she is incredibly drawn to Rafe and Connor, she will not risk bringing the kind of danger down upon them that she knows is stalking her.

The Doms persist and Maddy resists, until they kidnap her and coax out the truth. Can Rafe and Connor keep her safe? Or will she be the death of them?


Her scream echoing within the confines of the bedroom, Maddy Powell scrabbled amongst the linens, yanking them aside until she could reach the gauzy fabric of the nightgown covering her belly. Now fully awake she pressed her hand against the thin length of raised tissue throbbing with the prickling phantom pain that had catapulted her out of a fitful sleep. No telltale wetness or shards of agony resulted from her tender touch, and she fell back against the pillow, limp with vast relief. Just a flashback of being slashed, then. Not real. Slowing her breathing with every exhale, she rolled her head to check the clock. There was no point in trying to go back to sleep so she clambered off the mattress and headed for the bathroom to shower.

The steaming water rinsed off her favorite soap in bubbly rivulets that coursed over her bountiful curves, but the warmth didn’t prevent a shudder as details contained in the flashback coalesced—Ryker’s evil, curiously handsome features twisted with rage, the slash along the side of his face a seeping crimson streak that soured her stomach and made her falter…and the tables turned. With a gasp she reached to wrench the tap to cold for an instant, and the resulting deluge shocked her mind into neutral, erasing all the images.

Resting her forehead against the tiles, she focused on the night ahead. Club Vantage didn’t really get started until midnight on the weekends, and while she could have used some additional rest, the familiar curls of excitement soon overlaid the crash of adrenaline, building to warm her insides and pool between her legs. Time to choose an outfit and escape her past, even for a few hours. Maybe the Masters who occupied most of her waking thoughts would be there, and she could indulge in the fantasy that they were more to her than one scene. It was a dangerous fantasy, because she suspected they were indulging in the same wishful thinking, and that would never do. But a girl could always dream. Even a girl like her.


08 March 2015

Hello!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today! 

Thanks for having me!

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters? 

In any new relationship, there’s a lot of uncertainty, so I usually pull a personality trait for each person and emphasize it, whether it be insecurity, overconfidence, or determination. Then I make sure the other characters have some trouble coping with it, for their own reasons. It’s a dramatic construct, but it’s also a great way for characters to get to know each other quickly and believably. For example, in ruled, one of my male characters is very self-assured and accustomed to getting his way, since he’s a royal. My female character is very humble and not at all impressed with the trappings of wealth and power. In fact, she finds his privilege borderline offensive. He can’t understand why she isn’t falling over herself to be with him. My other male character’s adult life has been spent protecting and managing the prince, so he has to learn to trust her with his charge and open himself up to another person besides his bondmate.

Q) Do you have any habits that get you in the writing frame of mind? 

As soon as the house is quiet and empty, I’m ready to write. I very rarely have difficulty writing whenever I get the opportunity. It helps that I keep several projects in different stages of production, so if I don’t feel like slogging through a first draft, I can switch to editing or polishing.
Q) Is this part of a series?  If so, tell us about it!

This is my fourth book in the Planet Alpha sci-fi ménage series which is a multi-author offering from Evernight Publishing. We work within a universe they set up and come up with adventuresome and sexy stories about a powerful race of alien men in search of adventure and bondmates.

Q) How much real life do you put into or influences your books?

Not much, at least consciously, but there are certain foundations I have in every book that relate to my experience. I try to write very realistically since I have a low threshold for suspending disbelief. This limits my reading choices, but I think it makes writing very interesting since I can’t fall back on fantastical plots and miraculous saves. Everything has to make sense, both for the characters and in the storyline. I don’t put up with shenanigans in real life, and certainly not from the people in my stories. I’m a fan of competence, both in the people I know and in the characters I create.

Q) If you could choose, which published author would you like to brainstorm with and why?

I don’t think I’m a very talented collaborator. I always hated group projects in school! I’d probably rather brainstorm with someone in a different field, like set design or film direction, rather than another writer.

Q) What are your upcoming projects? 

I have so many, it’s difficult to know where to start. I’m writing a contemporary for my sweeter pen name and having a lot of fun turning several romance tropes on their head in this one. My hero is younger, blue collar, and from an impoverished background, while my heroine is older and comes from the upper class. I’m working on a m/m for J. J. Lore, and I have a nearly completed m/f erotic romance which will hopefully develop into a series, if I can just figure out the last three scenes. I’m waiting for edits on a naughty fairy tale, and just today I had a brainstorm for a futuristic alien invasion/paranormal series. Now if I could just find the time to finish something!


While on a clandestine visit to Earth, Prince Edem of Alpha and his bondmate Mallet by chance meet a humble cook who intrigues them. The impulsive prince feels a brief fling with an exotic human female sounds like the perfect way to conclude their travels, while his more pragmatic bondmate urges caution.

Despite all the reasons to avoid her, the Alphans seek her out, intrigued by her prickly pride and defiant disposition. For her part, Corrine is intimidated by these imposing and mysterious alien men, but finds herself overwhelmed by their determined courtship.

Edem and Mallet convince themselves their deepening feelings for Corrine do not have to include bonding, since such a commitment is forbidden by the King and subjects of Alpha, determined to keep the bloodline pure. But when danger threatens, the three are forced to choose between having the galaxy at their feet or losing each other forever.



J. J. Lore needs three things; strong, black coffee, time to write, and…well…you can guess the third. When she isn’t inventing fantastical tales filled with passionate people, she’s shaking sriracha on whatever she’s eating or reading about the Justinian plague. For updates on her bestselling erotic romance releases, visit her at or follow on Twitter @JJLore1


They made her shake. She’d thought it was first with anger, then fear, but as Mal eased his mouth against hers while Edem circled his fingers down her back, she knew she was shaking with lust. How had she gotten here? She’d been so insulted by the gift she’d rushed to them thoughtlessly and had somehow admitted to them she was frightened of sex, but now was barely able to keep on her feet for the heat blooming in her pussy.

Someone’s hands were pulling at the hem of her shirt, and she drew away from Mal to glance down and discover Edem had insinuated his fingertips underneath the material and was now rubbing along her bare waist. Her skin tingled. Mal reached for her buttons and had the front of her shirt open before she realized what was happening. When the cool air reached her nearly exposed breasts, she automatically reached to bring the edges back together, her breath rushing in and out with a mix of desire and caution.

“Let us see and touch. Just here,” Edem said softly as he caressed her lower back. Mal stared at her, his eyes darkening as he gave a slight nod. It was stupid to even consider it, but she seemed to be doing lots of stupid things lately. This could be the test. She could say no and hope they would stop. Would they let her control this? She didn’t want to say no yet, though. She sucked in a breath and urged her stiff fingers to cooperate as she released her grip on the shirt. She was wearing a bra, so she could say no when then tried to remove that final layer and expose her.

Edem let out a sigh and tugged at her sleeves, her blouse falling from her shoulders. She couldn’t stop her shiver as the cool air trickled across her back and stomach. Mal tightened his grip on her waist, and with a start she realized he had a sizeable erection and it was pressed into her belly. Normally, she’d shy away, but somehow knowing how aroused he was pleased her rather than made her anxious.

Mal trailed his fingers along her collarbones. “You’re lovely.”

“So delicate,” Edem chimed in, and she glanced at him, wondering what he thought of her faded, repaired bra. He was a powerful man on his planet and was probably used to women who were perfumed, groomed, and attired in beautiful chiffons and laces. She failed on all counts.

Sliding his hand along her side, Edem cupped one of her breasts, pushing her flesh slightly up. Her nipple contracted in a painful nub, and she inhaled deeply. He ran his thumb over the sensitized bit of flesh, and the material of her bra bit into her.

Mal dipped his head her way, long strands of his dark hair trailing along her bare shoulders. He pressed a kiss to the top swell of the breast Edem was holding, and she shook at the sensation of both of them caressing her in synchronicity. She clenched her hands in confusion. She wanted to touch them but wasn’t sure how. She’d always been confused and tense with the few men she’d been with, which had undoubtedly contributed to her discomfort with the act.

Soft lips nibbled at her neck, and she leaned away from him, not to avoid the touch as she should, but to allow him more room. The ticklish sensations crept over her nerves, and she compulsively reached up to clutch at Edem’s head, her fingers sinking into his surprisingly silky hair. He bit her throat gently in response, and a surprised moan burst from her. Before she could think further, Mal had fastened his mouth over her nipple and pressed his teeth to the sensitized flesh. Her whole body jolted uncontrollably, and she cried out, unable to hold back the sound of surprise and excitement.“It would be better without this,” Edem whispered in her ear as he ran his fingers under the shoulder strap of her bra. Mal rumbled against her breast, and she reached her other hand out to trace into his hair, careful to avoid those curving horns. “May I?”

26 February 2015

Hello!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today!   

Thank you for having me! I’m thrilled to be here! I’ve brought a gift too! I’m giving away a copy of A Tempest of Passion to a reader that leaves a comment below. *Smile*

Q) Do you have any habits that get you in the writing frame of mind?

Music is my muse’s drug. It’s what inspires most of my stories and helps me get into the writing frame of mind.

Q) How much real life do you put into or influences your books?

It depends on the book. For instance, in A Tempest of Passion I don’t include any personal experiences but I did do a lot of research in regards with the regency era and tried to make the story as authentic as possible.

Q) What are your upcoming projects?

I’m currently working on a paranormal urban fantasy, as well as plotting the last two books in the Witches’ Mischief series.

A Tempest of Passion

Emily Bunsbury is most definitely not a fainter. She prefers to leave that sort of shenanigans to young debutants and to those desperate to land a husband. She is neither.

Except last night she passed out and was rescued by none other than the town’s most eligible bachelor: William Dalton.  Of course, she wants nothing to do with him, but her heart and body don’t seem to be in agreement…

Banished from his pack for a crime he did not commit, William Dalton does not have the desire or the time to court women, yet, when he meets Emily Bunsbury he is incapable of staying away. Certain that it is nothing more than a passing fancy and not the mating pull, he pursues her.

However, as the unknown threat that expelled him from his pack strikes again, William realizes that Emily means much more and he must keep her safe. Now, if only she’d agree to his terms…

As danger grows with each passing day, will the couple learn to trust each other or will their love be nothing more than a temporary tempest of passion?

Author Bio:
Considered weird by normal standards – what is normal anyway?- Elyzabeth M. VaLey enjoys making up songs about mundane things, doodling stars and flowers on any blank sheet of paper, talking to her Lab whenever he feigns interest and coming up with love stories to make readers dream.
From contemporary to historical or fantasy, she enjoys writing stories about good and evil, love and passion and all that comes in between happy ever after.
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“Perhaps you can enlighten me. You’re an accomplished dancer as far as I can see and you seem to enjoy it, even if you did tell me you didn’t particularly like it. Why don’t the other men ask you to dance? Must I be on the lookout lest you do something outrageous?”

They reunited on the floor. Emily extended her right foot forward allowing her weight to rest on it before closing her other foot and hopping. She bit back a smile.

“I think most men in town surrendered in their pursuit for me to dance,” she admitted after a moment. “I refused all of them for what I spoke was the truth. I am not fond of dancing.”

“Yet, you’re not chewing on your lips or pulling them in as you have a habit of doing when carrying out unpleasant duties.” William chuckled.  “Just like that. Why always so serious, Ms. Bunsbury? Is my company such a heavy weight on your shoulders that you cannot gift me with a smile?”

“Life is serious business, Mr. Dalton,” she replied, going around him in a circle. “There is nothing more odious than being forced to smile.”

“Of course, I know it well.” His friendly smile vanished, his eyes losing their luster.

“I did not mean to upset you,” Emily hurried to clarify, suddenly desperate to see the gay light present in his eyes again.

William’s lips curled upwards, though the gesture did not reach his eyes.

“It was not your fault, Ms. Bunsbury. You inadvertently awoke some sad memories. Life is serious business,” he conceded, twirling her, “but that is precisely why we must enjoy the precious good 
moments such as these, for we never know how long they will last.”

“Your opinion of good moments is definitely low if you count this to be one.”

She was teasing him. By God, she was teasing him and though it took him a moment to realize it, she was glad at the sound of his rich laughter. Her lips twitched and she found herself smiling in response to his boisterous mirth. 

“Of course I do,” he said after a few seconds. “I am dancing with a beautiful woman on a fine autumn day. It cannot get much better than that?” He winked, reminding her of his ulterior masculine motives and causing her cheerfulness to vanish. “Though you probably think differently,” William added.


The melody having come to an end, Emily curtsied and turned to walk away from William Dalton. She’d barely removed herself from the center of the room, when he gripped her elbow. Emily bit back a gasp. Every time he touched her something inside her awoke with a hunger that could not be appeased. Tilting her head back so she could look him in the eyes, she chose to ignore the way her heart leapt. 

“That was only one dance, Ms. Bunsbury. You promised me two.”

“Surely, you wouldn’t want to waste your good moments dancing another tune with me, Mr. Dalton.” She made to leave but his fingers on her arm tightened. Anger flared in his eyes and his good-natured smile vanished.

“You think little of yourself, Ms. Bunsbury. I am surprised.”

“You are in the wrong, Sir,” she said as politely as she could muster. “I simply believe that another woman would enjoy your attentions much more than myself.”

Pulling her arm from his grasp, she veered around, desperate for some fresh air. Faster than she could muster, he stepped in front of her, blocking her path. Curling her hands into fists, she fought against the urge to shove him out of the way.

“Mr. Dalton—!”

“Ms. Bunsbury.”

Emily’s eyes flew to his face at the warning in his tone, her wroth vanishing and scattering into the wind as their gazes clashed.

“I don’t take kindly to broken promises,” he whispered gruffly.

Her breath caught as he reached for her hand, his fingertips sliding sensually over her gloved wrist. Her pulse raced, urging her to move or succumb to the persistent throbbing between her legs.

 “You may think yourself fast as a rabbit or cunning like a fox, Ms. Bunsbury, but I am a hunter and catching prey is my favorite sport.”
24 February 2015

Hello!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today! 

Thank you for having me back to visit.

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

Under His Boss started as a flash on my blog. Lots of my stories start that way, as my muse is a very visual little creature, and when a picture speaks to her, magic happens.
This was the picture that sparked the story:

And you can read the original 100 word flash here.

George and James jumped into my head and they refused to leave until I told their story.  :-)

Q) Do you have any habits that get you in the writing frame of mind?

Not really. If the characters talk, I write. One thing I do need is peace and quiet. So, I lock the bedroom door, turn off the internet and write. My fingers fly that way and I can easily write about 3 K in two hours or so.

Q) What are your upcoming projects?

My muse has been on somewhat of a writing spree lately, so I have a few upcoming releases, lol.

Carmel’s Choice, which releases February 24th  Contemporary BDSM, M/F/M  with Siren Bookstrand

Cat’s Rescue, part of Evernight Publishing’s Uniform Fetish Anthology releases February 27th  This is an interracial BDSM story.

The Witch’s Protector (The Protectors, 2) Paranormal BDSM releases April 2nd with Siren Bookstrand

And I’ve just finished book three of The Protectors, Her Lion Protector.

You can check out all of my upcoming releases here.

~Love is a precious thing~

When James Dyllon finds an explicit card on his desk he doesn’t know what to think. His hot as Hades boss has never given him the slightest indication that he returns James’ affections, so this card can’t be from him. Two male lovers entwined—someone is having a laugh at his expense.

George MacKenzie is done lusting after James from afar. A New Year brings with it the opportunity for change and George is tired of hiding. Since taking over the company after his father fell ill, he is finally in a position to act on his feelings, and he wants James. The card might be a feeble attempt, but at least James does not seem disinterested.

Together they will be able to weather anything, as long as he can convince James that he really does want forever.

“Happy New Year, boss.”
He put the tray on the night stand, and offered George two aspirin and the glass of water. George swallowed them and winced anew at the sandpapery quality of his throat. James grinned again—in sympathy George assumed—though it was difficult to determine through his blurry eyed vision and the brass band which seemed to have taken up residence in his head.
“Happy New Year.” George managed to croak those few words out and collapsed back on the bed with a groan. “I’m never drinking again.”
“Of course you won’t. Here, sit up, get your caffeine hit, and have a shower. You’ll feel better afterward, I promise.”
George glared at the other man through hooded lids, and decided there and then that James had to be some sort of sadist. No one was this happy first thing in the morning, and took this much delight in torturing another human being into sitting up. The clanging cymbals in his head all decided to bash together in discord and George groaned and held his head in his hands.
James’s amused snort joined in with the percussion instruments crashing against his skull and George screwed his eyes shut and pinched the bridge of his nose.
“Sadly we haven’t yet. I don’t think jerking off to images of you passed out in my bed counts as fucking you, and I do find myself most impatient to do so, so be a good boy, drink this coffee, and then for the love of God, shower, man.”
Amusement tinged those words, but there was an underlying edge that registered over the fuzz for brains in George’s head, and he cracked one eye open to look at James. The intensity of his gaze made him swallow, and all conscious thought fled out of his brain as James grasped his hands and wrapped them round the steaming cup of coffee.
“Coffee, shower, fuck, in that order.”
James winked at him, and George did as he was told. The slap to his ass as he stumbled off the bed and James pointed him to the bathroom, stung, and made his cock jerk. James noticed, of course and wrapped his hand around George’s shaft and pumped it a few times. Exquisite pleasure shot through George’s system, and he braced a hand on the wall to steady himself.
“Fuck, James, stop doing that, or I’ll never make it into the shower.”
James laughed, bit his shoulder lightly, released his cock, and swatted his ass again.
“Don’t be too long in there, or I’ll be forced to join you.”
George groaned and shook his head.
“Is that supposed to be a deterrent or a promise?” He didn’t catch James’s laughing reply, as he stumbled into the bathroom. By the time he managed to eventually relieve himself, wash his hands, and brush his teeth with the spare toothbrush he’d found propped up against the sink, he felt almost human. The warm stream of the power shower further revived him, and he stood and let the hot spray cascade over him. He wasn’t entirely surprised to hear the shower enclosure open and shut and he sucked in a breath when he opened his eyes. James stood with his back to him, and George got his first good look at James’s dragon. It covered his back, wings flapping wildly, and the art work was supreme. Over James’s broad shoulders, down his muscular back and into his delectable ass, George’s gaze followed the trail of ink, and giving into the need to touch the other man, he let his hands follow the trail of his visual inspection.
His cock reared back into life with a speed and force that left him lightheaded as James’s lust filled groan trembled through the confined space of their shower enclosure, and his lover’s muscles tensed under George’s fingertips.
“That’s fucking awesome, baby.” George ran his knuckles down James’s spine until he reached the globes of his ass. Squeezing the firm flesh he kneaded his lover’s butt cheeks and kissed down James’s back. It took a bit of awkward maneuvering in their confined space, but he managed to drop to his knees, and continue his path downward. James swore under his breath and slapped his hands on the tiled wall for support when George spread his lover’s ass cheeks and licked from James’s heavy balls upward to his anus.
James tensed and panted, when George tunneled his tongue through James’s ring of muscle while bringing one hand round to grasp his thick shaft.
“Fuck, George, you don’t have to… Jesus.”
James’s cock jerked and pulsed in George’s firm grasp, and those tight muscles guarding James’s rear entrance tightened around his tongue in involuntary clenches that told George in no uncertain terms how close James was getting. Anal play was something George had always enjoyed. The mere intimacy of the act showed how much you trusted the other person, and he withdrew slowly and growled his next words into James’s hairy thighs, while he fondled the man’s heavy balls.
“Turn round, baby. I want to taste you.”

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About Doris:
Glutton for punishment would be a good description for Doris... at least that's what she hears on an almost daily basis when people find out that she has a brood of nine children, ranging from adult to toddler and lives happily in a far too small house, cluttered with children, pets, dust bunnies, and one very understanding and supportive husband. Domestic goddess she is not.
There is always something better to do after all, like working on the latest manuscript and trying not to scare the locals even more than usual by talking out loud to the voices in her head. Her characters tend to be pretty insistent to get their stories told, and you will find Doris burning the midnight oil on a regular basis. Only time to get any peace and quiet and besides, sleep is for wimps.
She likes to spin sensual, sassy, and sexy tales involving alpha heroes to die for, and heroines who give as good as they get. From contemporary to paranormal, BDSM to F/F, and Ménage, haunting love stories are guaranteed.

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22 February 2015
Title: Sunset Vibrations
Series: Aloha Love #1
Author: MJ Harty
Genre: Adult, MC Romance
Release Date: February 20, 2015
Cover Designer: Pink Ink Designs

Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly!

 Q) Do you have any habits that get you in the writing frame of mind? 

I tend to write through the middle of the night! I’m not sure why but I find myself to be the most creative. The house is quiet, kids asleep, and it’s my time to write! 

 Q) Is this part of a series? If so, tell us about it! 

Yes this is book one in the Aloha Love Series. I am anticipating three books in this series, and possibly a Novella to finish it off. 

 Q) How much real life do you put into or influences your books? 

I put a lot of real life situations into my books. I find that they are much more relatable that way!

Burying emotions keeps her heart safe.

Cali Charmical is powerful, but sometimes power comes with a price. She is used to being in control except for the past that haunts her, trapping her in her own mind. Trying to escape her demons, she escapes to Hawaii with her only friend. Little does she expect the sexy, dominant man that awaits her. 

Secrets can hide in tough exteriors…

The son of a powerful Motorcycle Club president, Zev Severe falls for a beautiful, feisty woman. Suffering from a history of his own, Zev deals with his torture in unconventional ways. Every day is a struggle to keep his past locked away. With two alphas conflicting and neither willing to back down, will it destroy them or will they go on a ride of a lifetime?

MJ Harty is a mother of four amazing children, and wife to a wonderful husband. She has had a love for writing ever since she could pick up a pencil. She is also an avid reader reading anything that catches her eye. She started figure skating at the age of thirty and has skated in eight ice shows, it's her second love. While she's managing her load of kids and loving her adoring artist husband all these alpha tattooed biker dudes race through her mind making her run for her computer! She loves her characters as they are real people, loving to write as if it were the only air to breathe!

19 February 2015

Hello!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today! 
Thank you. Beth, so much for having me!

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters? 

Well for this particular story I wanted to have a somehwhat badass heroine. Typical fairytales had the women all damsel in distress. In my world, the girls kick ass. Maybe I watched too much Buffy growing up. LOL But I tend to take the Joss Whedon route and write strong heroines. Which means in this story the hero had to be even stronger. So he's definitely an alpha-male. But I think they each have a softer side the other brings out.

Q) Is this part of a series?  If so, tell us about it! 

Yes it is. It's based on the fairytale Snow White and Rose Red. UNBEARABLE is Rose's story. The sequel comes out in March and is Snow's story, entitled BAD APPLE. I don't have a date yet for the release, so keep tabs on my twitter, FB or Blog for release date info.

Q) If you could choose, which published author would you like to brainstorm with and why?  

Probably Karen Marie Moning. I want inside her head and figure out where Jericho Barrons came from. I absolutely love her Fever Series and it inspired my love of true alpha-males.

Loved your questions! Thanks again for having me!


Rose Red will stop at nothing to protect her sister, Snow White, from suffering the same fate as their mother. She vows to kill Hestor, the evil dwarf sorcerer responsible for her death. But a twist of fate lands her on the bottom of a riverbed, and her life in the hands of a mysterious stranger.

Marcus is a beast of a man. He is a bear by day, man by night, thanks to a curse from the evil Hestor. But when he rescues Rose from an icy grave, he unleashes the real animal. Falling for her is dangerous enough, as he must protect the secret of his curse. But she may just be the key to getting his kingdom back as she breaks one spell and puts him under another.


 “Do you have a habit of going around saving damsels in distress, Marcus?” The coy tone in her sexy voice hardens my cock even more, evidence that I've not been in female company for quite some time, and it's taking its toll.

“I don't have many women that wander into the haunted woods in need of my rescuing. Which leads to the question, what were you doing there?” I fold my arms and stare down into her eyes.

“I don't think that's any of your business now, is it?” The icy aftertaste of her tone stings my ears. “While I appreciate the rescue, I should get home. My sister is waiting for me and will send out a search party if I don't return.”

“It'll be a mighty cold walk with no clothes,” I say, holding back the smirk climbing across my lips.

The green in her eyes darkens. “Kindly give me back my clothing and affects, sir.”

“Absolutely. Once they're dry.” I fan my arms to the fire where I've laid out her soaking clothes. “It'll take hours for them to be dry enough to wear. Besides, there's a nasty storm brewin' outside. A bit treacherous for you to be wandering out in, alone and at night. It would be in your best interest to stay here and let it pass. You can venture home in the morning.” My eyes lock onto hers and I pour sincerity into them in hopes she'll reconsider my offer. “I promise, come sunrise I will leave you, and you are free to go.”

She darts her gaze between me and the fireplace. I half expect her to make a mad dash for her clothes. But she doesn't.

“And what am I to do the rest of this eve then?” Her arms fold across her chest, pinching her breasts together.

I force my eyes away from the glorious cleavage and swallow over the lump in my throat. “Well, I assume you'll want to sleep. After all, I would imagine killing a man would take a lot out of you physically and emotionally. Not to mention the whole falling into the river and me rescuing you.”

Her eyes widen as big as saucers. “Were you stalking me?”

“Perhaps I came upon you once or twice before.” I give an aloof shrug.

Fury blazes in her dark green eyes and it lights my cock on fire even more. Damn, she's gorgeous when she's feisty. It takes everything in me not to devour her plump lips with my own.

“How much do you know?” She leans in, forgetting she's naked as her protective covering falls away from her breasts. 

They stare up at me from the corner of my eye, but I'm careful not to look at them for fear she'll cover them back up. Stunning pink nipples harden at the chill in the room. My fingers ache to rub them.

“How much should I know. I've never met you before, Rose. You've come into my woods for the past month, and each time a man is with you. But you always leave alone. And I'm left to dispose of bloodied bodies before morning. So, do I need to worry that you'll add me to your collection?” Jutting my hands to the blanket on either side of her body, I press in closer to her on the bed, hovering just above her lips.

Quick breaths puff from her lips as she processes my words. Her eyes stay glued to mine in a glorious rage, and it stirs me inside to think of burying myself in that fury between her legs.

“Not unless you're in league with Hestor. If you are, I suggest you run.” Her body inches closer to mine, the blankets falling even further down her body. The delicate soft skin of her stomach catches my eyes and I'm unable to look away.

“Hestor?” I repeat, as it's the only word that sticks in my ears under the distraction of her curves.

“Are you not familiar with the dwarf sorcerer?” she asks.

“Oh. On the contrary, I'm quite familiar with Hestor. The question is, why do you seek him out?” My gaze turns back to her.

“Like what you see?” She tilts her head and swipes her lips with her tongue. “It's yours if you lead me to him.”

I shake my head. “You truly must think me a fool if you proposition me so, dear Rose. I know that's what you offer the targets in your game. You tease them with the reward of your body, yet you get them alone in the woods and take their lives. You cannot seduce me in this way.”

“Am I repulsive to you?” her voice notches up an octave.

“You, Rose Red are the most beautiful woman I've ever had the pleasure to lay my eyes upon. But I think you should know our interest in Hestor may be of a similar nature and perhaps we could strike a deal.” I ease off her and fold my arms.

“What do you want with him? His magicks are dark and bring only evil.” Her blazing eyes darken, studying me with intent.

I lean in, pressing my chest against hers as I hover above her face. “I have my reasons, as I know you do yours. They are not of your concern. What we both agree on is that he must be eliminated. No?”

“Your towel seems to have come lose,” she whispers.

My brow quirks. “How would you know?” I think she's trying to distract me, but I won't fall for her games. 

“Your eyes haven't left mine.”

“Because I'm the one who loosened it.” Her warm hand wraps around my cock, forcing a gasp from my lungs. My head yells at me to jump back, but the sensation of her fingers gripping tight to my flesh wipe all logical thought from my mind. I make the mistake of glancing down, aching to watch her hand stroke my length. It's the last thing I see before she knocks me cold.

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About the Author:

Wren Michaels hails from the frozen tundra of Wisconsin where beer and cheese are their own food groups. But then a cowboy swept her off her feet and carried her away below the Mason-Dixon linewhere she promptly lost all tolerance for snow and cold. They decided they’d make beautiful babies together and they got it right on the first try. Now Wren lives happily ever after in the real world and in the worlds of her making, where she creates book boyfriends for the masses to crave.


18 February 2015

Hello! Elodie. Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today! 

Hi Beth, thank you for inviting me along to talk about my new Evernight release, Rescuing Cade.

Cade’s trying to get over a broken heart when his friend Jack takes him off to a nightclub, named only, The Club. Although at first Cade is shocked by the place he meets Marissa. It’s not long before he and Marissa get together, but under the pressure of expectations from, The Club, and Marissa’s fear of commitment, they’re both running in opposite directions.
Gorgeous Cade has touched Marissa’s heart in ways she doesn’t want to admit.
Lovely Marissa has lifted Cade’s sadness and opened his heart to love again.
The trouble is — someone has to give a little. Who’s it going to be?
An erotic romance with a sprinkle of vanilla BDSM

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

It’s different for each story. With Rescuing Cade I was asked to write a story for an erotic romance anthology. Almost immediately I had my character, Cade, form in my head and a love story for him, but then I was informed the anthology would be BDSM. I thought I’d have trouble with the genre, but the editor of the proposed anthology said, ‘give it a go’. I began to adapt the love story in my mind for the character Cade, thinking I’d have to consider the plot for a short time, but only a few days later the anthology was cancelled. By then Cade was so real to me and a story with a sprinkle of the genre, BDSM, was firmly in my mind, so I wrote it.
The story is much longer than I originally thought it might be, especially when it was going to be for an anthology, and the romance conflict arc is now about both Cade and my heroine, Marissa. As usual, I fell in love with my characters and couldn’t stop writing until they reached their HEA.
I did a little research for this story because I didn’t know much about the type of club Jack, Cade’s friend, takes him to. Once I no longer needed to place emphasis on dominance and submission, the story unfolded easily, interweaving with the original love story I had for Cade when he first began whispering in my ear.
With scorching hot love scenes, tender moments, a dash of angst and a splash of humor this is Cade’s journey to love again.
I hope readers enjoy it.

Q) If you could choose, which published author would you like to brainstorm with and why?

I’d choose Christine Feehan and I’d want to brainstorm a vampire romance with her, because I love her Dark series and I think it’s one of the most original and fabulous vampire series ever.

Q) What are your upcoming projects?

No surprises it’s a vampire romance. (smiles)
There’s magic in the book too. The story is titled, The Confession Box and its part of a series under the banner title Club Coven Stories. The story is going to release mid to end March. 

About Elodie:
Elodie Parkes is a British author writing romance, erotic, contemporary, and often with a twist of mystery, paranormal, fantasy, or suspense. Her books are always steamy. Her tag is, Cool stories: Hot love scenes.
Elodie lives in Canterbury with her two dogs. She works in an antique shop by day and writes at night, loving the cloak of silent darkness that descends on the rural countryside around her home.
She has also released titles as an individual indie author.
Find Elodie online: Blog Facebook FB Twitter Tsu

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Read an excerpt from Rescuing Cade

Excerpt PG
Cade took his time drinking his coffee on Saturday morning. He wanted to go out to the street market and call into the coffee shop to buy fresh grounds, but he knew the reminder of being with Marissa there the weekend before would hurt. He drove there and parked in the big flat lot at one end of the High Street. Thoughts of Marissa teased him as he sat for a moment in his car and assessed his feelings. She’d touched his heart and he knew it. He sighed and thrust away the idea of calling into her place on the journey home from the market. She doesn’t want me.
He turned up the collar of his leather jacket against the cool breeze, and after checking he’d locked his car, since his thoughts drifted time and again to Marissa’s lovely face, he stalked off up the street. He avoided the market stalls he and Marissa had stopped at the week before, making straight for the farmers’ market section, where he bought two different kinds of apples and a couple of large potatoes he knew could be put in the oven and baked without him having to hassle around.
When he entered the coffee shop he kept his face turned from the café end and ordered his usual Italian roast grounds, but then, longing to recall Marissa as she gazed at him over the table they shared the Saturday before, he glanced around—and there she was.
She stared at him from a table in the middle of the café.
Cade blinked to make sure he wasn’t just imagining she was there. He paid for his coffee order, and drawn to Marissa’s table as if by some invisible thread, Cade quickly walked over there.
“Marissa, it’s so good to see you. I hoped you’d call me. May I sit with you?” He croaked out the words as his heart flipped about and the urge to pick her up, crush her to his body, and devastate her with a kiss scared him with its ferocity.
She didn’t speak, only nodded an assent at him.
Cade dragged out a chair and dropped his shopping to the floor. He sat down close to Marissa, but still facing her.
She turned her coffee cup around and around in the saucer. Her gaze riveted on the coffee in there.
She wasn’t wearing makeup. Her face was pale and her cloud of brown hair wisped around her heart-shaped face.
Cade smiled noticing for the first time a faded splatter of freckles across her nose. The tremble in her fingers, didn’t escape Cade’s hungry observation. She’s nervous. Is that because she likes me or thinks I’ll make a scene and wishes I’d leave? He reached out and clasped her fingers in his.
Her coffee cup clattered a little in the saucer.
Copyright Elodie Parkes, Evernight Publishing 2015
16 February 2015

Hello!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today! 

Hi Beth! Hi Beth’s friends! Thank you so much for inviting me back. I always love spending time here at your oh-so-pretty web home. And I love the new editions to the eye candy since the last time I was here. Hottie Hunnam, yummy! Okay, I will try to focus now… xoxo.

Q) Is this part of a series?  If so, tell us about it!

Yes! Stay for Meis book 1 of a new series called These Three Words. The series follows the curious love lives of a group of good friends who also happen to be male revue dancers. First up is sexy, gentle giant Sam. He’s an ex-soldier looking to right a wrong from his past with his best friend, Emma. All the guys make fun appearances in Stay for Me, so I look forward to getting their stories out, hopefully later this year.

Q) How much real life do you put into or influences your books?

My honest answer is A LOT! My rock star series came about because of a lifelong love of Depeche Mode that culminated in me getting to meet the guys. This new series was inspired by a weekend I shared back in October with my mom in Las Vegas. We were there to honor my step-dad who had passed away and whose last request was that everyone celebrate his life. He had taken my mom to her first male revue show back in the 70’s and so Mom and I decided to go to our first show together. We ended up seeing Chippendales one night and Australia’s Thunder from Down Under the next. It was incredibly inspiring on many different levels.

Q) If you could choose, which published author would you like to brainstorm with and why? 

My favorite author in the entire universe is Sherrilyn Kenyon. I think she is phenomenal at writing a hero’s redemption and I love how unique her characters are. I’d love to siphon some of that from her somehow! Loved that question, thank you so much for having me!! Xoxoxoxox.

One night to finally make it right before it all gets torn apart…
            Two years ago, best friends Emma Chester and Sam Jason tried being intimate. Due to Sam’s massive size, it didn’t work. Emma was hurt. Embarrassed, they did their best to move on. Now the day has come when Emma must suspend Sam as a dancer at the club they work at, awakening the buried pain of that one night.
            Sam has seen this day coming but is shocked when Emma asks him to strip for her just once before he leaves the club. Allowing himself to feel for her again is too dangerous but she’s clearly not in her right mind and needs him.
            Can he maintain his restraint and help her?
            When she hands him his uniform to strip out of, is she handing him her heart? Or is it too tattered to ever belong to him again?

“Are you okay?” she asked as he felt his back move against the wall.
No. In fact, he was ashamed of the slip in control as the thrill of that shot of her breath reminded him. He’d once thought of nothing else besides making love to her and had been pretty damn reckless in going after it as a twenty-one-year-old man. Didn’t matter that they’d been best friends since they were thirteen. In fact, that was what should have stopped him. How much time she and her family had given to improving his home life should have been his reminder not to touch. Not to kiss.
The sudden mind game didn’t stop there.
Tight knots shot up through his gut. Damn, he was not getting aroused, except for damn, he was. It was her eyes and her hair and what she’d been trying to do for him. He pushed down and adjusted the growing and inappropriate bulge so it didn’t bust the overworked zipper of his god-awful, tight pants. As soon as he did that, she finally spoke.
            “You’re still in costume.” He watched her chest rise and fall with her deep breath, wondering what exactly it meant.
God, was she responding to him? He’d lie if he didn’t still have the clearest picture of her smile taking over her face when he came off the plane to meet her and her parents. She’d even told him how good he looked in his Army uniform. Haunted by the knowledge of how badly he’d hurt Emma trying to make love that night, he prayed for her sake that he was wrong. And now here he was thinking what? Two years he’d lived up to that vow. There had to be a way to crawl back into the hole he’d dug where feelings for Emma were buried.
            Then she did the most dangerous thing of all. She crawled over to the wall where he’d escaped, reached out, and touched his shoulder.
“Didn’t have time to take it off,” he said and came out of his squat to rest on his knees, preparing to get up and leave before he did something stupid.
            He could not hurt her again, and he was dangerously close to breaking his vow.
This was about quitting one job and replacing it with another, finances, and upholding secret arrangements with her parents who he loved like his own. Not drudging up the night he’d put everything on the line and asked her to be his, how eager she’d been to say yes, and how he’d screwed it all up. But now he couldn’t ignore the flood of fire as Emma’s brown eyes did their best to lie for her, same as his tried on his behalf.
            “Emma, I should go. Gotta clean out my locker.”
            Get some fresh air and a pair of pants that aren’t so damn tight.
            He vaguely noticed the slight shake to the ends of her hair before she said the words that rocked his world, taking this completely off the playing field he’d been prepared to run around.
            She rubbed at the tip of her cute little nose. “I only took this job because I knew if you left without me that night, you’d find a way to stay away for good. For my good. Just like you’re trying to do now. I’m calling bullshit, on all of this. I’ve wanted to be yours since the eighth grade, Sam. You tell me how to quit that. I’m tired of lying.”

Find Your Copy Here:

A Bit About Carlene:
Carlene Love Flores is a big fan of the stars (especially Orion), honest music (especially Depeche Mode), and her traveling family (no favorites there-she loves them all). These things inspire her intimate style of romance writing. She feels honored to be a member of Washington DC Romance Writers (WRWDC), RWA San Diego (RWASD), and the Waterworld Mermaids. Carlene currently lives in the San Diego area where she can often be found listening to live music and looking up at the sky on clear nights.  If she could touch someone’s heart with her writing the way others have done for her, she’d say truly there never lived a luckier girl.  
Carlene would love to hear from you, find her here:

12 February 2015

Hello!  Hi Beth!

Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today!   

Thank you for having me!
Q) Is this part of a series?  If so, tell us about it!

Yes, this is the second story in my MFM, mountain lion shifter. contemporary series called ‘Perfect Pairs.’

The idea of Perfect pairs came about when I was discussing ménage with my partner. I theorized that most women don’t necessarily fantasize about loving two men, but instead want enough love and sex to satisfy them, and also we tend to want characteristics that don’t exist in the same person. So my perfect pairs are two men are what I believe we all want. They are non-identical twins who have opposing yet complimentary assets (who happen to be amazing in bed).

For example, these are my two heroes from this book. Jack is a football coach. He is crass, funny, light hearted, dominant and a huge hulk of a man.

Scott is smaller but still fit (what hero wouldn’t be) and a scientist. He’s more tortured, serious, smart and sensitive.

Q) How much real life do you put into or influences your books?

The answer to this question has changed dramatically in the past 12 months. There never used to be any of my real life in my books, and personally I think they lacked a lot of depth. But since meeting my amazing partner, I now put huge amounts of his personality into my heroes. I also use some of my new experiences (ie. Dealing with step children) in my books because I understand more. It is fun and very therapeutic.

Q) What are your upcoming projects? 

I have a short m/m story in the new Uniform Manlove Anthology Evernight Publishing is releasing at the end of February, and writing the third perfect pairs book.

I have a half written Planet Alpha book and M/M were wolf book sitting on my desk top too. Stories are always floating around my brain.  :-)

Stalking the Pharmacist
The voluptuous Ashleigh flies into a small town at the base of the Rockie Mountains for two reasons; One, a holiday to clear her head and give her some space from her abusive ex-husband. Two, to attend her gorgeous cousin’s wedding. The last thing she expects to see is her beloved cousin Laura marrying two men, and to find herself irrationally attracted to another pair of twins.

Scientist Scott and Football-coach Jack are a perfect pair of Rockie Mountain lion shifters, who made the horrible decision when they were young to break from tradition. They each married a woman who made their lives miserable rather than search for their destined mate, and now into their mid forties they’re struggling with their everyday life.

All the signs show them that Ash is their true mate. Jack is eager and ready to chase, but Scott’s scars run deep. Will they be able to overcome their past to create a new future?

Jack bent his head to suck on Ash’s neck, loving the feel of her heartbeat fluttering beneath his lips.
He couldn’t claim her today, he knew he couldn’t, but the need to do so rode him hard. Despite Scott’s reservations about the whole perfect pair mating thing, Jack knew now that the legends were true. They needed Ash, and would never be happy without her.
“How are you feeling about the idea of being both my and Scott’s mate?”
Ash frowned and lifted her hand, using her fingertips to make circles on his shoulder.
“I don’t really know, to be honest. If you’d asked me last week how I felt about threesomes, I would have been horrified. But having seen my cousin with her two husbands, and knowing a bit better how the dynamics of it all works, thanks to you…I…”
Ah, so she was struggling with the fact that she now didn’t mind the idea. Women were so bloody contradictory.
“All I’m asking, Ash, is for you to keep an open mind about it. I know, in theory it seems strange, but I have faith in the legends of my people.”
She cocked her head and smiled up at him. “Your people?”
“Mmhmm.” He hummed and began kissing her again, not wanting to reveal all of their secrets yet. It would be hard enough for her to accept both him and Scott at once, not to mention the fact that they could both turn into Rocky Mountain lions whenever they felt like it.
“My turn.”
Ash wiggled out from beneath him as she spoke and pushed on his chest as though she wanted him to roll off her.
“Huh?” He followed her lead and moved to lay on his back beside her. He stared at her as she began to kiss down his chest, her soft, wet lips like little electric shocks against his skin.
Her tongue flicked out and licked at one of his nipples, and lightning zinging through his chest.
“Hey, come up here, beautiful girl.”
Jack was uncomfortable but wasn’t quite sure why. He reached down with the intention of pulling her up against him but stopped when she glared up at him.
“No, I want to touch you too, Jack.”
He chuckled and lay his hand over where hers gripped his bicep.
“You are.”
She shook her head. “No, I mean I want to be able to enjoy your incredible body without you distracting me or stopping me.”
His face heated and for the first time Jack was glad for the dimly lit room.
“You don’t have to pay me back, Ash. I’d prefer just to pleasure you.”
And he honestly did. Why was she acting so strangely about it?
Ash giggled and moved over to his other nipple, this time sucking it into her mouth and making him gasp as his cock twitched against his thigh.
It didn’t make sense that such a simple thing could feel so good.
Ash continued to move down his body, kissing over his torso and making him instinctively suck in his gut. He was getting a bit thick in the waist, perhaps he’d start running again since he now had Ash to impress.
“You have the most magnificent body I have ever seen in real life.”
Ash punctuated her words with slow kisses over his abs, and Jack laughed.
“As long as you want what you see, sweetheart, I’m happy.”
She looked up and gave him a big smile, the sort that made him clench his teeth against the need to come. She was too beautiful. Where had she been all of his life?
She looked down and before he realized what she planned, she took his already excited cock into her mouth. He hissed through his teeth as she wrapped her hot fist around the base and sucked the sensitive head into her mouth, sending hot streams of sensation through his cock and into his body.
“Oh wow, that feels wonderful.”
He forced his eyes open as he watched her work him. Feeling the wet heat and suction was hot enough, but looking down on her was the most erotic sight he’d ever seen. Ash, his mate, and the most beautiful, intelligent, caring woman he’d ever met, had chosen to take his cock in her mouth. She actually wanted to give him attention. Life had never been so good.
She flicked her tongue out and licked the slit, making him groan and clench his hands into fists. His orgasm was teasing at him, his balls tightening and drawing up against his body.
He held on to his control, enjoying the fight as Ash’s beautiful mouth licked and teased him.
She began moving her hand, squeezing his shaft and stroking him as she sucked him. The heat began to move over him like a wave and he grabbed at her hands.
“Stop, stop.”
He tried to pull away but she gripped him harder, pulled her mouth off with a wet pop, and pinned him with a glare.
Tendrils of pleasure were licking at him, threatening to overwhelm him as she moved her hand on his rock hard flesh.
“I’d rather not come like this. I’ll wait until tonight, or until I can be inside you. It’s better if we wait a bit longer to make love, I think.”
He practiced the principles of Tantric usually and didn’t mind pulling himself back from an orgasm. Also, he really wanted to come with her pussy wrapped around him, and the wait would be worth it.
Ash continued to stroke him with her hand and stared up at him.
“Why would we wait? Don’t you want me?”
“Ah…” Trees, water, ice.  Jack pulled up as many images of non-arousing things as he could think of, rather than the picture Ash made with her hand around his cock and her tempting mouth oh-so-close.
“Of course I want you! You’re fucking gorgeous! But if you really do want to try to be a family with my twin and I, the legends encourage the first mating to be all three of us.”
He panted and gasped as she kept up her perfect pace.
“I suppose that makes sense to me, as much as any of this does.”
Ash grinned and kissed the crown of his cock. The traitor weeped a pearl of white precum out the tip as another wave of arousal ascended.

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11 February 2015

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PRICK ---Urban Dictionary

1.) penis
2.) derogatory term used to sum up the existence of a worthless a**hole.

Caulter Sterling is a prick.

A filthy-mouthed, womanizing, crude, spoiled, arrogant prick.

The tattooed, pierced, panty-melting-hot son of a celebrity.

I hate him.

He's slept his way through practically every girl at Brighton Academy.

Except for me.

I'm the good girl. The responsible girl. The 4.0, class president, studied-so-much-she-never-lost-the-big-V girl.

And in celebration of graduation and adulthood, I just made the worst decision in the history of ever.

I lost my V-card to the devil himself.

It was just one night. So what if it was mind-blowing? Hit it and quit it.

Except I just found out that my father - the Senator, the Presidential hopeful - is marrying Caulter's mother. Oh, and this summer? We're hitting the campaign trail.

One big happy family.

And I can't stop thinking about that prick.

I'm totally f**ked.

The edges of his eyes wrinkle when he looks at me.  "There are no other girls."
"I don't believe you."
"Yes you do," he says, moving his finger up to my face.  He traces the outline of my jaw, pulls my face up toward his.  "Because you know it's true.  Since you, there's been no one else."
My heart thumps in my chest.  "But the redhead..."
"I don't know her.  She walked in and stripped off her clothes."  He leans in close and kisses me, barely brushing my lips with his, the movement light as a feather.
I push him back, unable to contain my laugh.  "Women don't just walk in a room and take off their clothes."
"They do for me."
"That's ridiculous."
"I'm a celebrity," he says.  "It's not the first time."
"And it won't be the last, either."  I'm irritated with him again.  I'm irritated with the idea that women walk into a room and throw themselves at him.  I'm irritated with the fact that the insistent throbbing between my legs is making me stupid.  It's making me want to lose my mind and beg him to bury his cock inside me.
"I like this jealous streak," he says.  "It's adorable."
"I'm not jealous," I insist, lying, to him or myself, I'm not sure which.  "I'm making sure that you're not riddled with STDs."
"Jealous," he says, his mouth close to mine.  He licks my lower lip with the tip of his tongue, and I inhale sharply, my thoughts clouded by lust.
"You're the jealous one.  You were jealous when you saw me outside with Chase."
He grabs a handful of hair at the base of my neck and pulls me to him, covering my mouth with his.  A twinge of pain shoots through me as he presses his mouth hard against my mouth, his tongue warring with mine.  My body is on fire, and I long for him to run his hands over my skin.  I long to feel him inside me.
When he finally pulls away, he keeps a firm grasp on my hair, holding my head steady so I can't help but look at him.  "You're damn right I was jealous," he says.  "Don't even think about talking to him again."
"Says the guy who had a naked girl in the library.  That's ironic."
"I didn't touch her.  I threw her out," he says.  "She was repulsive."
"She was hot.  And you could have touched her," I say.  "You and I aren't anything."
"That lacrosse player doesn't lay a finger on you," he says.  "You belong to me."
"What the hell is this, Caulter?" I ask.  "You're the one who says you're just having a little fun.  You're nobody's happy ever after, remember?"
He grips my hair harder, pulls me against him, his hardness pressing into my thigh.  "And you're not some frail little princess who needs swept off her feet," he says, running his hand up the side of my leg and cupping my ass, the tips of his fingers touching my pussy lips.  I'm wet, practically dripping, and when he realizes it, he pulls me against him, crushing my mouth with his again.
"Then what am I?" I ask, when I come up for air.
"You're the most irritating girl I've ever met," he says, his grip still tight on my hair.  He covers my breast with his hand, warm through the fabric of the dress, and my nipples harden immediately to his touch.

Sabrina Paige writes about smart, sexy women and the hot alpha males who love them. Outlaw bikers, cowboys, and military men make her swoon. She has found her own happily ever after with her active duty military husband and adorable toddler.

10 February 2015

Hello!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today! 

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

Lia Risso started talking to me one day, and while I made googley eyes and growled under my breath that I don’t DO contemporary, I relented. Her story exploded on paper, and her brothers started yapping for attention as well.

For other works, I’ll sit and write up a full, in depth interview with each character before writing to ensure I know them inside and out. It’s always fun, though, to have them surprise me while actually writing.

Q) Do you have any habits that get you in the writing frame of mind?

Not really. If inspiration slaps my muse upside the head, I start scribbling like a mad woman with whatever writing utensil I find. Most times, I have to sit and force myself to put onto paper the hazy scenes fogged by children and life.  ;)

Q) Is this part of a series?  If so, tell us about it!

Susceptible to Him is the first in a planned series of 4 novellas. The stories follow the four Risso siblings in their quest for a love like their parents have.


Lia Risso walked in on her fiancé and three other women on Valentine’s Day. Two celibate years later, her roommate creates a profile for Lia on a dating website—without her knowledge—and sets up a date. On Valentine’s Day.
Ryan Walsh, a self-made millionaire and libertine, refuses to commit to any one woman. Tossed from foster home to foster home as a child, Ryan is on guard against becoming vulnerable ever again.
One dinner…one night of dancing and flirting with the attraction between them, puts both Lia and Ryan in danger of heart break.
They have a choice—open themselves to the possibility of hurt or walk away, never knowing what might have been.

My nerve endings stirred as the subtle scent of sandalwood wafted across the table time and again. What man used sandalwood-scented soap anymore? By the cut of his suit and the Rolex on his wrist, Ryan Walsh had money. And plenty of it. Why no expensive cologne? The chick-lure nectar of the gods his type bathed in?

He grinned again, and heat filled the empty place only Mr. Pink had seen or stroked in two years. Ryan’s attention drifted to my lips and lingered as our waiter took his time pouring our wine.
I forced myself to breathe as my treasonous nipples pebbled, begging for attention.

Damnation. I do not want this.

He was too friggin’ sexy for his own good. And by his suggestive grin and the twinkle in his eyes, he knew it too.

“Are you ready to order, Lia?” Ryan asked, his focus staying on my face instead of dipping downward like most men’s did.

Praying my voice didn’t betray my arousal, I turned my attention the waiter. “I’ll have the shrimp Fra Diavlo.”

“And for you, sir?”

Ryan spouted off a few words in Italian, never once breaking eye contact with me.

My lips twitched. Papa would be impressed.

When the waiter ambled away, a smile—a real smile, not the cocky, you-know-you-want-me ones he had offered until then—revealed straight, white teeth.  “So.”

His low voice caressed my ears, and I pressed my thighs together. Thank God I hadn’t shaved. No doubt he had little trouble getting women into his bed. Or their bed. Or against a wall.

Holy shit.

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About Lynn Burke:
Lynn Burke is a full time mother, voracious gardener, and scribbler of spicy romance stories. A country bumpkin turned Bay Stater, she enjoys her chowdah and Dunkin Donuts when not trying to escape the reality of city life.
Her current work, the Risso Family Novellas, revolves around four siblings from Boston’s North End.


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08 February 2015

Hello!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today! 

Thank you for having me. I’m happy to be here with you!
Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

Hm… Let me think on that one a moment. Okay. Moment over. *Smiles* When my muse tugged at me to write about Neverland and the Lost Boys, the first thing that popped into my mind was all the Lost Boys, and the hero Petúr, had to be badass warriors. From there, I just let my imagination flow and gave each of them some cool abilities.

Q) Is this part of a series?  If so, tell us about it!

Rise of the Lost Prince started out as a standalone story, but as I wrote, the characters had much more to say and do, so yes. It will be a series called, Lost Boys.

Q) How much real life do you put into or influences your books?

I think there’s always a little piece of me (the real life me) in every book I write no matter the genre.

They fight to protect those who would never welcome them into the human world... 

Petúr always knew he and his brothers-in-arms were different. Something more. Something not human. Yet, he never expected to find out the truth of their origins, nor fall for a human woman whose father was set to destroy Neverland. 

Ever since she was a child, Wyndi dreamed of an angel with eyes of the purest gold, although she never really believed such a man existed until she met the hauntingly beautiful Petúr of the lost boys. 

With a prophecy to fulfill, a woman to protect, a portal to find, and evil darklings out for blood, will Petúr be strong enough to rise up and claim what’s rightfully his, or lose everything to a long-time nemesis, Grapple the Dark?


“Where are we going?” Wyndi asked.
“My room.” Five rapid heartbeats later, they were inside his bedroom with Petúr kicking the door closed behind them. “I need to know something,” he said in his honey tones.
Wyndi glanced up at him from under her lashes, and shivered. He was staring at her with eyes glinting gold. The braid he wore in his hair dangled down the right side of his cheek, tickling her.
“What do you want to know?”
Petúr bent his head, slanted his mouth over hers, tongue tasting the line of her lips until she parted them on an intake of breath. When their flesh met, she closed her eyes. Fireworks exploded inside her head, the luminous sparks floating, then falling, falling, and transitioning into a force crashing down over her—a title wave of longing. She moaned, tasting the summer sky, morning dew, the sweetness of rainbows, sultry nights, and rain storms.
Mind whirling, her body shifting, she was lying on her back, fingers tangled into the nape of Petúr’s satiny hair, the other hand pressed against the steely strength of his shirt-covered chest. Every part of her became aware of him on some sort of molecular level. Yet nothing could have prepared her for what she experienced when he tucked himself between her thighs and groaned. Heat slammed into her core. Her stomach quivered. Her panties dampened. An inferno. Yes, surely it must be an inferno which lapped at her skin while their tongues tangled into infinity.
 Petúr was lost in an ocean of sensation, wave after wave, pulling him under. The connection to this woman beneath him was undeniable. Everything about Wyndi filled him up until there was nothing but her. Her taste. Her touch. Her scent. His chest expanded.
Damn, her scent. She tasted better than the cotton candy fragrance that wafted from her skin. Skin. Oh, yes, skin. That’s what he needed, to feel her soft skin against his.
“Wyndi.” He breathed, saddened to break the kiss, reaching over his shoulder, yanking the material of his shirt, lifting up with the other hand, and pulling the garment from over his head. “I must feel your flesh against mine.”
Her tongue darted out, licking her lips. Was she nervous? Well, he’d be the balm to soothe those nerves. He focused on her mouth. Those delicious lips were kiss swollen and moist, making his cock strain even more against the constraint of his pants.
“Okay,” she said in a small, breathy voice, the lids covering her blue eyes at half-mast.
He reached for the hem of the too big nightshirt covering the body he had to see, lifting until he revealed her little white panties and lacy bra covered breasts. Blood raced through his veins. He wanted to do everything with her. To her. Touch all over. Taste every inch of her. Put his fingers and cock into the tight, warm sheath he knew was awaiting him.
Take her.Hell yeah. Those two words became a chant within his mind. He wanted to take his woman in every position he could imagine and then some. His woman? Yes. Yes she was his, or would be. Slow your roll. You don’t want to scare her. He had to maintain. He couldn’t go at her like some out of control beast.
Leaning down, he kissed between the creamy mounds of her cleavage, skimmed his cheek across the apex of her right breast, watching goose bumps scatter across her flesh in a wanton invitation. Unable to stop himself from licking her, he lapped at her in one, long, lingering stroke, from the top edge of the bra, up her collarbone, only stopping because the material he’d lifted hindered his progress being bunched around her neck.
“Oh, hell,” he muttered. “You taste so good.” 


Rise of the Lost Prince Listening List:
Hoobastank - Crawling In The Dark
Godsmack - Serenity
Linkin Park - Papercut
Alter Bridge - Rise Today
Keane - Somewhere Only We Know
BrunuhVille - You And I
Matt Walters - The First Time
Creed - One Last Breath
Mat Kearney - Breathe In Breathe Out
Gabrielle Aplin - Salvation

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03 February 2015

Hello!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today! 

Hi Beth! Thanks so much for having me on your blog to share my new release, I Kissed a Girl in Vegas.

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

Katy Perry’s song, I Kissed a Girl, helped tear down labels society tends to place on other people. I love playing with the bi-sexual dynamic of two or more people and what they desire in their life, as well as what turns them on. In I Kissed a Girl in Vegas, Tessa Walker knows there’s something missing in her life. She also knows her arrow doesn’t shoot on a straight path. Chef and restaurateur, Gianna Lucini, helps Tessa discover it’s okay to explore her desires.

Q) Is this part of a series?  If so, tell us about it!

Yes! I Kissed a Girl in Vegas is the first book of my I Kissed a Girl series. The stories will be completely stand alone with new characters in each, however they will all focus on first time lesbian experiences.
Q) What are your upcoming projects?

I plan on writing at lease two other I Kissed a Girl books, the next one will most likely be in New York. In addition, I’m working on a story about a rock star who is forced by her record company to hide her sexual orientation.

Thanks again for hosting me today, Beth!


Tessa Walker’s business trip takes her to one of the poshest hotels on the Vegas Strip. Nursing a break-up, she can use of weekend of fun and sun. Little does she know, her pool cabana mate is none other than famous chef and restaurateur, Gianna Lucini, who introduces her to the world of great food and forbidden passion.

Life as a jet-set chef isn’t all it’s cracked up to be for Gianna. Like her restaurants, she insists on control in the bedroom and her tastes run anything but plain vanilla. She’s ready to give up on love until Tessa serves up an offer Gianna can't turn down.

“Mark has another talent you’re sure to enjoy. I’m going to take over for him so he can show you. Just keep an open mind and let yourself go, Tessa.” Her slow words mesmerized me as her strong fingers took over and Mark let go. Her hands were small and soft in comparison to his. Gianna’s fingers traveled across my shoulder blades, loosening tight muscles along the way. I grabbed the edge of the table and slid my chair back a few inches. “Relax,” Gianna whispered. Mark moved to my side and casually leaned against the table. He picked up my hand and rubbed small circles around the sensitive area where my thumb met my palm.

You have a hard time letting go. Don’t you, Tessa?” he asked.

I took a deep breath and reached for my glass of wine, hoping it’d provide much needed liquid courage. Mark grabbed my other hand before it could capture the wineglass.

You don’t need that to relax. Let me help you.” His graveled voice rumbled its way through my body and stoked the heat settling low in my belly.

My chair suddenly moved out further and he stepped between my knees, facing me. His gaze moved from me to above my head where Gianna stood. She continued her ministrations on my tight muscles. Mark smiled and his gaze moved back to me. His fingers rubbed the inside of my palm in unison with Gianna’s hands at my shoulders. I’d never had two people touching me in this way before. Every cell of my body stood at attention. Like the rhythm of a gentle ocean, their hypnotic caresses washed away any lingering insecurity.

Waves of pleasure coursed through my body in the secluded room smack in the middle of one of the busiest hotels in Vegas. I should’ve been embarrassed by the attention. I should’ve got up and walked away. Things like that don’t happen to me. However, my ass might as well have been crazy-glued to the chair, because I wasn’t moving. The tablecloth brushed over my bare legs as Mark let go of one of my hands and his fingers brushed my thigh. He lowered his muscled body to his knees as Gianna gathered my hair into a ponytail. Her fingers raked through my scalp while Mark’s fingers drew imaginary lines from my knee to high on the inside of my thigh and back again. I swallowed hard as my pulse quickened. I was sure Gianna could see how fast my heart was beating when she pulled my hair and coaxed my face upward to meet her stare.

She smiled down at me. “I want you to clear your mind and just enjoy the moment. Can you do that for me?”

I nodded and closed my eyes. A flash of pain gripped my scalp as Gianna tightened her hold on my hair. My eyelids flew open and I met her crystal-blue gaze that was the color of a Caribbean ocean.

Be here with me, Tessa. Don’t escape into yourself. I want your eyes on me, or Mark. Believe me, it will make the experience incredible.”

I nodded again and she loosened the grip she had on my hair. Mark’s tongue had replaced his fingers and he left a warm, wet trail on the inside of my thigh. He released my other hand and both of his hands were making their way up the tops of my thighs and under my short skirt. 

Gazing at me, his eyes burned hot and he shot me a grin. “Lift up a little, sweetheart.”

I did as he asked and my lacy underwear was quickly swept from me, losing my shoes in the process. His palms cupped my knees, nudging them farther apart. A wave of insecurity washed over me as his gaze shifted to my sex.

Remember what I said. Relax and enjoy.” Gianna’s voice filled my ear.

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About the author:

Scarlet Chastain is the semi-secret pseudonym of a multi-published, best selling author of sensual erotic romance. Scarlet’s focus is female-centric sizzling stories written about women, for women.
She lives in the suburban shadows of New York City but her heart belongs to the beaches of Key West. Scarlet can usually be found in her favorite chair of her newly acquired writing cave.
If you ask her nicely, she will usually tell you her other pen name. She’s sweet that way.

Find Scar here:

01 February 2015

Hello!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today! 

Thank you for inviting me. I love visiting people, and I'm really excited about His Boss, Her Dom.

Q) Do you have any habits that get you in the writing frame of mind?

A) I open my laptop. Seriously, that's it. I'm incredibly lucky, my Dh bought me a MacBook Air because I have fibromyalgia and an ordinary lap top was too heavy. Mac ( original huh?) goes everywhere with me (almost) And I can write anywhere. Long haul flights, the study, in the garden with wine, hotel bathroom…(if it's the middle of the night and I don't want to wake Dh up), You name it, and if I can sit down and see the screen, it works for me.

Q) How much real life do you put into or influences your books?

Quite a lot I guess. I like to set books in places I know and love. That's why a lot are in The Trossachs in Scotland, or South Devon in England. And I have one set in Hong Kong coming out soon.

His Boss, Her Dom is losely set very close to where I live. Okay, I've moved houes about, but I know which bit of forest goes past Eva's house.

I find I talk things over with myself, weirdly, I think now, how would I answer… I don't always agree with myself for the book though…And I'm always happy to pick people brains. My local postmistress was a great help here.

Q) What are your upcoming projects?

I'm all over excited here. I'm about to sign a 2 book deal with one publisher, (I'm being cagy until I sign, but it’s so fantastic. They've said what they want for the first book,it's a Regency called Find The Lady, but basically I can write what I fancy for the other) and I have four more books in a Regency Series to complete for Breathless Press. They have the first two (Moon Curse series) Plus two more of my Diomhair series for Totally Bound. Then, (yes then lol) I have two other series I want to complete for Siren (The Dommes of Ballingal and the Wolfes of Kinfolye) And some more Dommissimma for Evernight. That'll keep me going for a bit, I reckon. snigger

The idea for this story came about when Evernight Publishing put out a call for a men in uniform antho…
As ever my mind started to race… This was a result. Not for the antho though…
His Boss, Her Dom
Jamie, she had to assume it was him, and not A. N. Other, kicked her legs apart. Something cold touched each ankle, before her scarred ankle was wrapped in toweling and whatever it was fastened tightly with cord or some such thing to both ankles. Eva wriggled her toes and flexed her legs as best she could and discovered her feet were held about eighteen inches apart. What on earth had he used? Then she thought about the shape of whatever it was on her unbroken ankle. Her overlong fire irons?
"Such handy, everyday items you can find when you look," Jamie said, and stroked each globe of her ass. He pulled the back of her thong hard and up into the crack and did a seesaw movement with it. It really did feel like the proverbial cheese grater. Luckily he stopped before she decided it was sawing her in half.
"What a beautiful sight, seeing you spread out like that. I wonder, puss, if you can lift away from the settee just enough for me to reach your tits? Try for me."
Bloody hell, does he think I'm a contortionist? However, it was amazing what a person would try when their Dom spoke to them in such a way. Eva arched her back and her boobs left the contours of the sofa back. Ross pulled on each one and kneaded them. Then he tugged and pinched each nipple so hard, she gasped.
"Color," he said brusquely.
"Green, Sir." Why did he ask? He knew how hard they'd played on their other occasion together and she'd been green all the way.
"Good girl, now breathe." The pain in first one nipple and then the other as he attached something tightly to each took her breath away. She whimpered. How the hell could she take it?
"Breathe, puss, or cry red. Do it now." He roared out the last word, and Eva let out her breath in a whoosh.
It hurt, oh how it hurt, but the invisible string of sensation from her tits to her clit got ever stronger. The pain morphed into intense pleasure, so much so she shook.
"G... green, oh…."
Jamie removed one of whatever clamped onto her nipple and she moaned her disappointment. He nipped and tugged the nipple until she wondered how it held onto the rest of her boob, before he reattached the instrument of pleasure and pain. "Lean forward again, puss. Press those lovely tits into the sofa and increase the pressure of the clamps." Eva obeyed instantly. His deep velvety voice demanded instant submission and got it.
A hard slap on her ass was her reward. It was followed by several more, each more intense than the last. Jamie continued the assault on her rear with something flat and possibly plastic. In one corner of her mind Eva reckoned she'd never look at her furnishings in the same light again. She began to fly, and enter that special place where everything morphed into pleasure.
The spanking stopped suddenly and she wanted to cry. It was nowhere near enough. She craved her subspace like an addict craved their next fix.
"Because I say so, puss." He kissed her neck. "And because when I let you go to your special place, you need time to savor it. Sadly tonight, we haven't got that luxury."
If she hadn’t fallen into the zone so fast and furious she would have realized that.
"So…now then." His voice was soft and soothing. "Let's see what we can do for each other, eh, my puss?"
A ripping noise infiltrated her mind, and her thong left her ass crack. One thong destroyed.
"The next thing you feel in your ass will be my cock," Jamie said as he stroked each globe in soft circles. "But first I'm going to fuck your pussy and make you come."
The noise of his zipper was loud in the room, and then Eva heard shuffling sounds as she presumed he kicked off his denims. She waited with hard suppressed excitement.
One long finger probed inside her pussy hole. "Ah, so ready aren't you, puss." The finger withdrew, and her juices ran down her legs. "Let me protect us. One moment."
She heard a rustle and then Jamie thrust into her hard and deep and began a fast fucking, which rocked her fastened legs and made her breasts bump off the settee. The clamps knocked it and pinched her nipples harder as she moved with Jamie's thrusts. Her arousal filled her like molten lava and her skin tingled as if she'd been stung. The tingles and stabs of pleasure increased faster than she'd ever known before, and Eva knew she teetered on the brink of coming.
"Come now, puss." Jamie pinched her clit and she screamed, tumbling into a fast and furious climax as stars danced behind her closed eyelids.
Her legs shook, as Jamie shouted and shuddered his own climax inside her, and then fell forward across her back. She savored his weight and stayed still as his breathing steadied.
The clock chimed the hour. Jamie groaned. "Let me untie you, and make you comfortable in a conformist manner."
Eva flinched as he lifted from her and her nipples moved on the coarse fabric of the settee.
"Aww, does it hurt? I'll kiss them better in a sec."
The blindfold was lifted and she blinked to make her eyes work as Jamie busied himself with her other ties. When she saw the fire iron she grinned. He was correct. There were very useful items around the house.
The sprung wooden clothes pegs attached to her nipples made her swallow as her mouth went dry and her pussy muscles contracted. No wonder they pinched. She had caught her finger in one once and it had been bloody sore.
"One second, puss." The air stirred as presumably he moved to dispose of the condom, and then she was lifted into his arms. Her nipple, plus attachment slid over his chest and she hissed at the non-pleasurable pain that shot from nipple to clit.
“Ssh, not long now." Jamie walked around the settee and sat her down on his naked lap. His quiescent cock stirred slightly and he whistled. "Sheesh, I'm fucked and my cock is saying ‘again soon, please.’ It must want your ass, puss."

A multi-published, best selling author of erotic romance, Raven lives in Scotland, along with her husband, in a house much too big for them—their children having flown the nest—surrounded by beautiful scenery, which inspires a lot of the settings in her books.
She is used to sharing her life with the occasional deer, red squirrel, and lost tourist, to say nothing of the scourge of Scotland—the midge. As once she is writing she is oblivious to everything else, her lovely long-suffering husband is learning to love the dust bunnies, work the Aga, and be on stand-by with a glass of wine.


Well what can I say?

I'm growing old disgracefully and loving it.
Dh and I live on the edge of a Scottish forest, and rattle around in a house much too big for us.
Our kids have grown up and flown the nest, but roll back up when they want to take a deep breath and smell the daisies so to speak.
I write in my study, which overlooks the garden and the lane. I'm often seen procrastinating, by checking out the wild life, looking—only looking—at the ironing basket and assuring tourists that indeed, I'm not the bed and breakfast. That would mean cooking fried eggs without breaking the yolks, and disturbing the dust bunnies as they procreate under the beds. Not to be thought of.
Being able to do what I love, and knowing people get pleasure from my writing is fantastic. Long may it last.       (my page)            (author page)

30 January 2015
Book Three in the Red Wolves Motorcycle Club Series….

John Draven is vice president of the Red Wolves Motorcycle Club.  While on a special run, he meets FBI Agent Cadence Vanaker again.  Cade is the man who killed his cousin five years ago and the one man he hates more than anything, but now he’s forced to work with him to take down a human trafficking ring operating in his hometown.

Cade wants more than anything to tell Draven that he wasn’t the one who killed his cousin, but he can’t reveal the truth so he has to live with Draven’s hate.  When the two men find a woman half dead and bound with zip ties, they both feel a need to protect her.

Dove Aldrin is a sensitive young woman who had been abducted and held prisoner for a long time.  When she escapes, she falls into the path of two men determined to help her and find the man responsible.  What she didn’t count on was falling for both of them.  How can she pick one over the other, especially when they can’t stand each other?  

And don't miss out on the first two books: Along Came Merrie & True North (coming in March)


***I am giving away one ebook copy of Along Came Merrie (Red Wolves MC Book 1)! 
All you have to do is a leave a comment & a way to contact you! One winner will be chosen at random Monday, February 2nd

Merrie Walden is in the wrong place at the wrong time.  She’s attacked by a vicious outlaw biker bent on shutting her up permanently when she sees something she shouldn’t, but luck is with her and she manages to escape by jumping out of a moving car.  She’s found by horse rancher Braden McClintock, who takes her to his adopted brother, Leo Cloud Dancer, for medical attention.

As she heals in the home of the two men, Merrie begins to realize that she’s falling for both of them.  Braden is taciturn while Leo is outgoing and both reach a deep seated need that she hadn’t even realized she had. 

But before she can figure out if they can share a happily ever after, she has to survive the biker who’s found out where she is.  Because even if she doesn’t know what she witnessed, he sure the hell does.

To stay up to date on my releases & give-a-ways, follow me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook!  I'm also on Tsu!

29 January 2015
Hello Allyson!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly!  I am such a huge fan of yours!!!  I can't wait to learn more of this book because I loved the other two in the series.

Q) Is this part of a series?  If so, tell us about it!

This is the third book in the Marking Time series that actually started out as a reflection of how a relationship can start within the same household (foster brother and foster sister) without the stigma of incest. I took considerable liberties with the concept, making it a ménage, and added a best friend who had issues of her own. Most everyone can connect with the thought of rejection and abandonment. She is featured in the second book.

Winners is a denouement of Fated and Destined and I hope rounds out the first two books and answers any threads. And it has that erotic component too!

Q) If you could choose, which published author would you like to brainstorm with and why?

I’d need to make a list, Beth, for there are so many talented authors out there, and like you, I devour books and am a speed reader. But I’m truly in love with Joey W Hill. I worship at her feet when it comes to her ability to paint the human (and not-so-human) dynamic in a manner that pulls such angst from my soul and effortlessly describes what I labor to do in my work.

Q) What are your upcoming projects?

I write sweet romance under another pen name. You’ve actually reviewed me, bless you, and liked the book because of my feisty heroine. I keep my two writing styles quite separate for professional reasons, but I find I have to write both. So I’m working on a sweet historical romance just for shits and giggles. I’m already entranced with my heroine, the Countess. 


Marking Time, 3
Vet-in-training Sinclair Renton, and her cowboys, Craig and Ashton Russell, are finding their way in ménage, just as Sheriff Reece Murdoch and poor little rich girl Candy Grant are rediscovering their historical connection—now flavored with a little kink, too. 

But it seems love and passion can’t solve everything. Sinclair must face a personal demon in the form of the first woman Craig and Ash shared, while the brothers need to find ways to accept Sinclair’s profession and all the risks it carries. Candy, on the other hand, must deal with the legacy of her father’s benign neglect, and Reece has to face a surprising worry that he might not be enough for the woman he’s waited for. Will the lovers be able to overcome the challenges they face? Will they end up losing all they have fought for, or will they be winners in love?

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), spanking, sex toys, anal sex


They adjourned for the game, the men clearing the table while the women stacked the dishwasher, all talk of roles aside. Sinclair squeezed in between the brothers on the couch, her head resting on Craig’s shoulder, her feet tucked up on Ash’s thigh. Reece took the big easy chair and settled Candace on his lap, his hand slipping up beneath the hem of her dress to cup her buttock, his possessive touch screened by the position of her body. She snuggled close and pressed her head beneath his chin.

His team was doing well, a good thing, considering his inability to exhort them to victory, his attention drawn to the curvy bundle of woman on his lap. She smelled of carnations, something that now never failed to trigger his libido, and his fingers slipped to find their way beneath the scrap of material covering her sex. Hot, wet flesh greeted them, and she squirmed to give him easier access. Reece was transported back to high school when he and Candace stole similar moments, the forbidden, exciting sensations making him impossibly hard. He wondered how long their guests planned to stay.

“Behave yourself,” she whispered, but he noted she arched into his questing hand.

Withdrawing his fingers, he couldn’t restrain a smirk at her pout. He rearranged her on his lap, the better to ease the pressure on his erection, and winced as she shifted back. Yup, never a dull moment.
Sinclair didn’t much care for sports, but she figured she could manage the occasional game, especially if she could sit between her guys. The man chairs at home had to go—maybe they could get one of those sectional things with the seats at either end that reclined. She’d get the middle seat, and do away with the insert to hold the remotes and drinks. She could hold anything that needed holding, and her risqué thought made her lips quirk. Candy was right to infer she was turning into someone obsessed with sex. But it was more than that, far more. She loved her men with every ounce of her being, and once again thanked the powers that be for them coming to their senses. Otherwise she’d be someplace else, functioning, but without purpose. It should be frightening to realize her happiness was directly dependent on Ashton and Craig, except it wasn’t. She trusted them wholeheartedly.

Craig’s breath stirred her hair, and Ash traced lazy circles on her calf. Her entire being sparked like a static charge, and the air caught in her lungs with a delicious hitch. She was intensely warmed by the heat emanating from their big bodies, all muscled, honed from hard work on the ranch. Maybe they didn’t have to stay for the entire game, although the guys were focused in apparent rapt attention on the screen as several large men ran down a smaller man clutching the football, and jumped on him. The huffing and crunching sounds made her wince, but one by one the yellow jerseys peeled off the red one at the bottom of the pile. The announcer babbled in excitement, and Craig said something about turnover on downs. An imp of mischief overcame her.

It was a simple matter to pretend to stretch and rub her ankle over the front of Ashton’s jeans in a long, slow stroke, and “accidentally” drift her hand over Craig’s groin. She was rewarded instantly by a stir of flesh and hid another smirk. No doubt she’d pay for teasing later, in a totally pleasant way, so she risked another contact.

Ash caught her ankle in one big hand, his fingers curling right around it, unobtrusively pulling it away from his crotch—and separating her legs as he did so. The seam of her jeans was suddenly chafing against her pussy in an extremely interesting fashion, and when Craig dropped his arm to place it around her ribcage, his thumb and forefinger caging the nipple of her right breast, Sinclair dampened her panties.

She cast a quick glance at Candy and Reece. Her friend appeared to be dozing against Reece’s chest, likely as bored with football as she was, and Reece was staring at the screen. Which was a good thing, because Ash’s free hand twitched into the space between Sinclair’s thighs to cup her pussy, right when Craig pinched her beading nub. She barely swallowed a gasp of arousal, and couldn’t contain a shiver. Ash kneaded her heating apex, and raised one brow in a wickedly suggestive manner, his clever fingers driving her toward orgasm, Craig sensuously tormenting her breast. Lord.

Sinclair took in little hits of air through her nose, trying to manage her breathing and not pant too obviously. Okay, she’d started this, and in their inimitable style, her guys were finishing it, but she hadn’t thought it through. She didn’t want to come in the presence of others. Or did she? She had to admit to an illicit thrill of being pleasured in the same room with her best friend and her man, but she also felt safe—not judged. Ash pressed just so, and the burgeoning sensations crested. Sinclair went over with a shudder and a whimpering moan, masked by another outburst of the sports announcer. When she opened her eyes, Craig was staring down at her with love and tenderness, his cock an unmistakable solid presence against her hip. She knew Ashton was as aroused, but she wasn’t looking in his direction, the now sated imp of mischief suggesting she ignore him.




27 January 2015

Hello!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today! 

Thank you for having me on your blog! I’m happy to be here today to let your readers know about me and my newest release, ‘Charmed’, from my series, The Glorious Guild of Lady Windsurfer.

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

A: These characters just kind of came to me. I wanted to do two aliens and a feisty Earth female who’d give them a run for their money, and poof, there they were. Through the drafts of the story, they became more fleshed out. I really like this trio.

Q) Is this part of a series?  If so, tell us about it!

A: Yes, it’s a part of my The Glorious Guild of Lady Windsurfer series. Originally, the first story and this story were written with the Planet Alpha series in mind, but they weren’t a good fit according to the acquiring editor. I was offered an R&R on them, and after some tweaking, they became the wonderful futuristic, sci-fi stories they are today.

Q) What are your upcoming projects? 

A: I’ve had a recent release called ‘Breeding Seth’. That’s a contemporary, sci-fi story that revolves around a male pregnancy and is part of my The Agency series. I’m currently at work on my next The Agency story which will have another male pregnancy in it. I’m also working on the next Guild series story which will take a departure from the Auraths and introduce a totally new world, and from there, I have another series idea brewing.

Now, almost fifteen years later he had the rank of Captain, along with Wade, and they both were looking to be promoted to Commander. No one was going to call him weak. Not even his family.
“As you know, I have always had balls. I just choose not to show them all the time. Do not challenge me here.” Most times their relationship was just like this—volatile—but when the serene, quiet moments happened, he could almost hear Wade’s soul and knew the wealth of love that resided there for him and the family.
Wade slapped him on the back. Hard. Thorne shot a quick glare at him. Wade chuckled. “I am messing with you. You have been wound very tight lately. More than usual. What weighs on your mind?”
Thorne folded the paper and laid it beside his half eaten plate of food, realizing he’d lost his appetite during their conversation. “As you pointed out earlier, I ‘have’ said many times I have felt our mates would appear, and yes, we are still mateless.” He picked up the knife, flipped it and then moved his wrist to and fro, mindlessly practicing weapon control. The metal glinted in the sunlight sending bright beams into the crowd aimlessly milling about.
“I know I have sensed one before in New York City, in Florida, here in Las Vegas. So why have we not met?” Thorne jerked his head up. A slow sizzle spread through him, and his gut clenched. He looked out into the throng of unkempt people passing by the restaurant. The sizzle quickened, reminding him of the time he’d first made contact with his stepbrother. Wide eyed and with an open mouth, he stared at Wade.
Wade’s stern countenance turned to one of concern. “Thorne? What is it?”
Before he could reply, a barefoot woman, clad in rags across her breasts and in a short, matching skirt, crashed through the line of people and headed straight for them.

Charm knows how to get what she wants, but when faced with opposition, she tends to make bad choices. After a plan to subdue a Rullix goes wrong, Charm forces her way into two Auraths’ lives. They have a ship after all and can help her escape Earth and the Rullix.
Step-brothers, Thorne and Wade, are discussing Earth and mates when Charm dives into their presence. Each man believes her to be the partner he’s been waiting for. The men allow her passage in their spaceship, but are shot down by the Rullix and crash in a canyon.
Charm finds them sanctuary, yet even in the middle of nowhere, she still gets into trouble. Thorne and Wade have to figure out how to travel to Aurath before Charm’s bad choices lead to their demise.

Book Information
Genres: Sci-Fi, Futuristic, Menage (MFM), Erotic, Steampunk
Heat Level: 4
Word Count: 35, 400
ISBN: 978-1-77233-153-0
Editor: Karyn White
Cover Artist: Sour Cherry Designs
Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex

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Author Bio
Jacey Holbrand believes love comes in all forms and should be celebrated. She’s committed to her muse and writing so she can share those kinds of stories with readers.
‘Hot days. Sexy nights. Come play in her world.’
Jacey loves to hear from readers! eMail her:

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25 January 2015

Hello!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today. 
Thanks for inviting me here, Beth!

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?
Sienna, the main character in my Art of Love romance series is a young artist trying to find her way. I spent a lot of time as a professional artist too, so I really love to write about that world. It is full of sexy, clever, outrageous characters and high stakes ambition, which brings out the best and worst in people. In Model Position Sienna is torn between falling for Erik the live drawing model (yes, very naked), and Dave a hooked up classmate, whose aunt owns a gallery. In Private Internship Sienna interns for Caz a hot bad boy sculptor with a dark secret.

Q) How much real life do you put into your books?
I inject themes and character aspects that fascinate me, and are connected to my real life. The Art of Love series was inspired by my earlier art career. Witch of the Cards was inspired by a trip to a very burned out, spooky Asbury Park where the only boardwalk store was a Saltwater taffy place with an ancient counter lady that looked like a witch.

Q) What are your upcoming projects?
I’m working on a paranormal historical romance sent in 1932 on the Jersey Shore called Witch of the Cards. Fiera has no idea she’s a powerful witch, at least at first. I can’t say much more yet. But you can get big hints by taking a peek at my Beach Witch Pinterest board here:
I’ll also be working on the third in the Art of Love series this year.

The Blurb for Private Internship by Kitsy Clare:

Sugar’s not so sweet and secrets can be deadly … especially with matters of the heart

Sienna’s bestie, Harper warned her not to intern for famous bad boy artist, Casper Mason. After all, he just fired Harper who helped Sienna get the interview. But the moment Sienna sees Casper—or Caz—sweaty and practically shirtless and swinging from chains while he works on his sculpture, she’s hooked. He’s the richest, hottest artist in New York, and he lives in the fabulous Williamsburg Sugar Factory. But he’s also an incorrigible game-player, who seems to relish testing Sienna’s loyalty with a string of unsettling tests.

She knows she should get away fast. But by the time Sienna sneaks into his locked storage room and begins to unearth his dark and terrifying secret, she’s fallen way too hard for the handsome, charismatic Caz.

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For Sienna, love and art are perilous games. Is she ready to take that gamble?
Sienna is a beautiful, talented artist poised on the precipice of soaring into the glamorous, yet cutthroat Manhattan art scene.
Dave Hightower is a hooked-up, handsome heir to the hippest gallery in NYC, Gallery Hightower. Erik is the live drawing model with his sizzling green eyes fixed only on Sienna.
Three’s a crowd, so Sienna must make a choice: date Dave and ride the fast track to landing a show at Gallery Hightower and hobnobbing with the art glitterati, or follow her heart and take a chance with Erik, the stunning male model who’s stealing her heart. But Erik has some worrisome secrets, and who in their right mind would make live modeling their career? Dare Sienna throw away her chances of hitting it big to follow her heart?
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22 January 2015

Hello!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today! 

First of all, I’d like to thank you for having me on your blog. It means a lot to me. I would like to share with you and your readers my main inspirations of this story.

One day, my dear friend Louis Stevens posted a video of a singer Gavin DeGraw on his Facebook account. It was lovely and I loved the singer’s song. Well, one of my favorite singers is Ed Sheeran and I told Louis it would be a dream come true if Ed sings together with Gavin. A moment later, voila! Louis posted a video of them both singing together! Long story short, How Long Will I Love You was born. The title of this story was from a song but it was another story altogether and it wasn’t sung by any of the men.

By the way, here is the video of Gavin and Ed performing together on stage. I totally fell in love with them. I got completely inspired. My story isn’t in any way a real story about them, though. Heh. I wish!

Now if you watch the video until the end, it was their hug that completely melted my heart. *sighs* And here are the real life Ed and Gavin.

Q) Do you have any habits that get you in the writing frame of mind?

Yes, I certainly have the habit of only being able to write into my cell phone. I can write on my laptop, of course, but it’s not as smoothly. :-)

Q) How much real life do you put into or influences your books?

Hee. As this story, How Long Will I Love You, was inspired by two real life musicians, I’d say I put a bit of real life into it, like their occupations. But other than that, it’s completely fictitious. :)

Q) If you could choose, which published author would you like to brainstorm with and why?

I’m a bit intimidated when it comes to talking with other authors about writing but I wouldn’t mind brainstorming with Susan Mac Nicol though it might end in me listening in awe to her ideas.

Thank you again for the time and space, Beth!

by Iyana Jenna
Published by Evernight Publishing
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
Length: 26,950 Words
Heat Rating: 3
It might look weird for a musician to *fangirl* another musician, but Ed Finley didn’t give a damn. He adored and had a crush on singer and pianist, Gavin O’Malley—to the point of sticking O’Malley’s pin-ups all over the walls of his room. Ed thought his dream had come true when he was scheduled to perform together with his idol on stage.

Gavin O’Malley thought Ed was okay when they ended up being together that night. The night meant everything to Ed, while it was only another one-night stand for Gavin.

Ed decides to stay away while Gavin, after rejecting Ed, couldn’t stop thinking about the other man. Will Gavin get a chance to tell Ed his true feelings?

As soon as he got to L.A., Ed realized the mistake he’d made. Everything reminded him of Gavin, especially the invites to small jam sessions and dinners with fellow artists. He’d tried to avoid them all, but Nina, his assistant, kept reminding him not to miss those occasions.

“Don’t you see that I’m a human being, too? I’m tired, okay?”

Instead of answering, Nina squinted at him before she thrust an envelope at him.

“What’s that?” Suspicion crept into his heart.

“A live awards ceremony. Music awards. Next week.”

“Oh.” He took the invitation and looked at the card. It was a national show and it was going to be aired live on a major channel. It was a big deal. He glanced back at Nina. “Am I a nominee or something?” That was impossible. He’d have found out right away if he was nominated in a category. “Or am I going to present an award? How did you get this invitation?” Nina knew very well this wasn’t his type of thing.

She chuckled softly. The traitor.

“Relax. I didn’t have to kiss someone’s ass or get down on my knees for this. You’re an online phenomenon, Ed. They knew they’d get more publicity if they had you at their show.”

Ed wasn’t particularly afraid of what Nina would do if she wanted something, though he did worry about her sometimes. She’d do anything to get the things she wanted. But this was going to be a huge event with hundreds of celebrities. It was harmless. Safe. Even if Ed saw him there, he could easily slip away and hide. He sighed.

“All right. I’ll go.”

“Yay. I’ll RSVP.”

Ed rolled his eyes as he turned his back on a delighted Nina, who was already on the phone.

The invitation ruined the plan he’d made. Without Nina’s knowledge, he’d made a reservation to rent a cabin on a vineyard resort he often went to in Northern California. He needed fresh air and a place to clear his head. He’d thought being in L.A. would help, but the feeling that he could run into Gavin in any corner of the city kept haunting him. The shame—Ed could not get rid of it. He was lucky Gavin hadn’t talked to a tabloid about how Ed Finley literally threw himself at him and thought he had a chance to be Gavin O’Malley’s boyfriend.

A week or so on the vineyard would do him good. Too bad Ed had to postpone it now. He took a shuddering breath and cooked up another plan. The minute he left the award show, he would be on his way to escape to Moonshine Valley.
Nina walked ahead of Ed on the red carpet. He smiled inwardly at the sight of her—a diminutive figure, yet looking confident and ready to take any action Ed needed her to. Tonight she was lit up in her small, bright red dress with her golden hair tied up into a small chignon. She was pretty, Ed would give her that. He wouldn’t mind having her as his girlfriend if he liked girls. As it was, Ed didn’t mind taking her as his date tonight, though she might have minded if he’d insisted on going in his shirt and jeans.


Ed jerked his head up. “Yeah?” He had been unaware of zoning out for a second there.

Nina gestured at him impatiently, so he headed toward her. She was standing near the velvet railing with a man on the other side of it who had a microphone in his hand.

“Hi,” greeted Ed. “How’re you doing?”

“Can you believe it? Louis Montague from the blog Louis’ Notes, himself! He wants to talk to you, Ed.”

Nina sounded too chirpy for his liking, and his eyes narrowed in suspicion because the girl knew him well. He turned back to the man and offered his hand. Louis accepted and shook it hard.

“Ed Finley. It’s so great to finally see you.”

“Hi, Louis. Glad to see you too. I hope you like my songs.”

“Like your songs? I love them. They’re brilliant, man.”

“Come on.” Ed felt positively embarrassed. After all this time, he still couldn’t believe people actually listened to his work. He looked around and cursed silently when he found that Nina had disappeared.

“I’m serious. They’re emotional and fans really relate to them. I can’t stop listening to them. What’s coming up next from you?”

“Um.” Ed scratched his head, then promptly removed his wandering fingers. He’d spent more time than was necessary trying to tame his red curls, and he knew Nina would scold him for ruining them. “I write songs every night or between shows. I can’t stop the ideas from coming into my head. They keep bugging me until I write them down.”

“Sounds so easy for you.”

“Oh no, not at all. They’re raw ideas and thoughts. Mostly I still have to find the right tune for them, not to mention the lyrics and the music arrangements. Half of the raw ideas I have had have ended up in the garbage bin. Only half became full songs and just one or two of them get to be produced.” Ed thought he heard Louis mutter something. “Excuse me?”

Louis shook his head. “Nah. Just—if I tried to write songs, they would all get dumped.”

Ed snickered. “You don’t know that. You should try writing someday if you get an interesting idea.”

“I’d rather listen to yours, thanks.” Louis smiled widely. “So are you going to present an award tonight?”

“No. I’ll just sit tight and sweet in the audience. My pretty Nina did a good job finding me a place in there. She—” Ed waved sideways and stopped short. He gaped and his breathing became erratic. He hadn’t expected anyone to be standing next to him, to be so close to him, like…like…

“Hi, Ed.”

Like Gavin.

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Author Bio:

Iyana writes M/M short stories and novellas. Her works have been published by Evernight Publishing, JMS Books, Books to Go Now, Torquere Press, Bitten Press, Leap of Faith Publishing, Breathless Press, and Alfie Dog Fiction.

Iyana lives in Jakarta, a city famous for its traffic jams, a lot of cars and motorcycles, and people selling stuff on the roads. You can spend two hours on the road going to a place you can reach in half an hour in a normal situation. Thanks to the traffic jams, though, Iyana can come up with a lot of stories, mostly shorties, as she prefers to spend the time during her trips writing into her cell phone rather than sleeping.

Another thing Iyana loves is kitties. Right now she has three of them. Their names are Cil, Horus, and Betsy, and one kitten. When she doesn’t write, she plays with them, or they would play with her when she writes.

Author Links:



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20 January 2015

Hello Michaela!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today! 

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

The funny thing with these character’s, they arrived almost fully formed. I had a long dry period – writing wise so no writing was happening. During Autumn 2014 I had a desire to write a paranormal lesbian/FF story. As I started thinking about it the character’s emerged. Amari was a witch but not one who practiced the Craft whereas Raya was a shifter. Both were suspicious of each other as the two communities do not get on. Once I got that far it was a matter of head down and type until those tow fabulous words – The End!

Q) Is this part of a series?  If so, tell us about it!

Yes it is part of a series. It’s called Moon Maidens. Moon Dance is book 1 and book 2 is called Moon Bound. I am delighted to say that Evernight Publishing said YES to book 2 so that should be on its way as well.

The series will feature lesbian couples as the central characters. As I love paranormal stories, they will belong to different supernatural/paranormal communities who live in the same locality. The moon will feature somewhere along the way.

Q) What are your upcoming projects?

I should be writing book 3 of Moon Maidens series but I am not inspired as yet. I have a desire to do something with the WIPs I have started and put aside. There is part of me that does not like unfinished pieces so I might try and get some completed. My problem is that the EDJ (Every Day Job) really gets in the way so time is limited to write.

Hey ho…we shall prevail though!


A quick pick up and a night of sex was just what Raya was looking for. Only meeting Amari set her insides on fire and she had to have more of this Indian beauty. Witches and shifters aren’t meant to bond only Raya and Amari can’t ignore the chemistry flowing between them. 

Trouble strikes the lovers when a past trauma hits Raya and Amari’s mother could be to blame. Finally Raya has a chance to get even with the old witch, who destroyed her life. When that revenge reveals that Raya’s  past holds secrets she wasn’t aware of, it throws into question everything she believes in. Can the lovers unite to help Raya find her true self or is it all too late?


"Good morning Amari. Sorry I couldn't wait," Raya said. She pulled off her sneakers one by one, followed by her sports socks.
Amari held out her hand, inviting her across. Raya's eyes lit up and she began to walk across the shallow water. Suddenly she stopped and looked down at her feet, confusion written across her face. Raya backed away, out of the water.
"You okay?"
"Err…yeah. Why don't you come across here?" Raya suggested.
Amari did not hesitate, pulling up her dress to skip across the cool water, leaving her sandals behind. Once across, Raya grabbed her hand and pulled her into her. Both girls looked at each other. Raya’s deep green eyes shone back at Amari.
"You're beautiful…" began Raya, but she was silenced by Amari who pulled Raya's head down in a rough kiss. Instantly there was a connection, sparks of energy flew around them and Amari's body began to heat up. Lips meshed and tongues played, dancing and teasing. Their hands explored and grabbed each other's bodies to get closer, wanting no space between them.
Ray moaned into Amari's mouth. Amari pulled away.
"Sorry, did I hurt you?"
"Are you kidding me?" Raya said, pulling her back into a kissing that almost hurt with the fierce passion that was behind it. Amari's mouth sizzled against Raya's; never had she experienced something this strong straight away. She pulled at Raya's T-shirt, wanting nothing between them; skin on skin was her desire. Raya helped her out by holding her arms up and Amari pulled the T-shirt off. Underneath she wore a simple cotton bra that cradled her breasts. Amari slid  off one strap and kissed the soft skin of her neck, then shoulder. She felt Raya's hand massage the back of her head, keeping her in that position. So she likes to be kissed there. With a new lover, it was always a learning experience; what they liked and didn’t like was stored in your memory. She was enjoying learning about Raya. She pulled down one cup to reveal a perfect breast with an erect pink nipple. Raya wasted no time: she sucked it straight away and then used her teeth to bite gently. This released another moan from Raya's lips. Amari smiled, looking up at Raya.
"You like a little pain?" Amari carried on sucking Raya's breasts with gentle bites. She moved her hand down Raya’s front and edged it into her joggers and down to her panties, which to Amari's delight were a little moist. She rubbed Raya's mound, letting the tips of her fingers slide down further. Raya spread her legs a little; that meant Amari could reach further. Massaging that pussy was not enough, she wanted to taste. Amari grabbed Raya's joggers, pulled them all the way down and then knelt at her feet.
Raya's legs were long and toned, probably with all that jogging. Amari stroked them up and down, dragging her nails closer and closer to her bare pussy that glistened, inviting her to taste. Amari stepped back to look at Raya. She was amazing with flawless skin, breasts that fitted into Amari's hands and topped off with her red hair that looked like it was fire when the sun caught it.
"Lie down, Raya."
"No, I want you naked too," Raya replied.
Amari hesitated for a moment, her hands shaking, because not everyone appreciated her fuller figure.
"Go on, let me see you."
Amari took a deep breath and pulled her dress off. Raya's mouth opened and her eyes deepened in color. Amari could feel heat emanating from Raya's body; it was one of those gifts her mother said she possessed, reading people's feelings. Sometimes that was through the colors that surrounded them or the energy in the air, this time it was through the warmth of Raya's body that drifted to her and pulled her in.
"You are perfect, Amari." Raya stepped towards her and stroked her shoulder. More warmth filled Amari as she felt Raya's hands stroke her breasts, down her waist to her needy pussy.



Michaela Rhua always dreamed of writing but this never happened until she met the lovely group of ladies known as UCW. Their passion for writing and encouragement inspired her to see if she could do it too. Now she is multi published and loves writing!
She has teenage children who also keep her busy. However, it is whilst travelling into work that she has time to create her characters and imagine other places in which they exist as her world skims by the window. Conversations overheard often lead to the birth of new ideas that she scribbles down in her trusty notebook.

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18 January 2015

Hello Melissa!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today to talk about Sunshine and Grimm! 

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

I came up with the idea of Grimm and Lacy because I was in the mood to write something humorous. I was listening to the Katy Perry song ‘Waking Up In Vegas’ and I thought it would be funny for a vampire to get so drunk he loses his memory and ends up married to a human woman who is the exact opposite of himself. The relationship between Grimm and Lacy is so zany and ridiculous. I had so much fun writing this book. It’s got violence and action, sex and humor. It’s got all the ingredients for a hilarious calamity.

Q) Do you have any habits that get you in the writing frame of mind?

I have a five year old son, Marshall, so finding spare time to write can be tricky. My writing time comes while my son is in pre-school. My habit is to drop him off, pull around the side of the school to the far back of the parking lot, and write on my laptop in silence. I don’t get much quiet time, so I want no distractions when I finally get a chance to write. No music, no other people, not television. It’s actually quite peaceful.

Q) What are your upcoming projects?

I’m working on a few projects. There’s the third installment of my Lucky Bet series. It’s about an uppity (yet very sexy) chef who loses a bet and has to hire a woman to work in his restaurant who knows nothing about fine cuisine. It’s one of those love/hate dynamics. She keeps causing havoc, but he just can’t resist her. I’m also working on the fourth installment of my young adult series – The Dating Tutor. The next book will center on Sasha. There will be more focus on her soccer games, her relationship with her cousin Alec, and her rough and tough hockey thug boyfriend, Matt.

Waking up in Vegas with a hangover and a blushing bride you don’t even remember meeting is a nightmare for any man, but Alex Grimm’s situation is a bit more tricky than most. Try being a vampire with a few hundred years’ worth of secrets to keep safe who finds himself suddenly outfitted with a bubbly, blonde ex-cheerleader. 

Sunshine and Grimm follows vampire detective Alex Grimm through his struggles to track down the head of a murderous organization while playing the unfamiliar role of newlywed. He has to balance torture and mayhem with gambling and requests to see the newest tearjerker flick, things his new wife would prefer to do.

He’d simply disappear into the darkness never to be seen by her again if it wasn’t for the tricky stipulation that he’s now linked to Lacy by law. The fact that she is wearing his dead mother’s wedding band is another reason for him to stick close to her side until he can figure out the easiest way to get rid of her for good.

Lacy complicates his life like no other woman ever has. She’s energetic. She’s wild. She’s the exact opposite of him and has a very misguided impression of his personality in general. She thinks his nature is close to hers. She couldn’t be more wrong.

Alex is reserved, quiet, and brooding. He doesn’t know the first thing about keeping a woman like Lacy entertained.

She’s also making his work life hell. Between sending him to interrogate a hairstylist and tagging along to brawls involving creatures she’s not even sure she believes in, Lacy makes Alex’s job worlds harder. How can he be expected to torture evil vampires for information while his unwanted wife is bouncing around behind him with animated energy? 

Despite their differences and the fact that they drive each other insane, if the two of them can put their heads together, they just might make a good team. They’ll kick a little vampire ass or die trying. And along the way, they may just realize their feelings for one another reach beyond mere lust. For two people so set in their ways, falling in love might be just as difficult as catching a killer.


In less than ten minutes time at the Nocturnal Lady, Alex was involved in a brutal fight to the death. Upon entering the club, he had guided Lacy to the bar so he could scope out the building.

She’d ordered two vodkas, sliding one to him along the short distance of bar that separated them. “Brings back memories, huh?” She rolled her eyes with a chuckle. “Or maybe in your case, it doesn’t.” She shrugged in amusement as she swirled the contents around in her glass. “Drink up,” she said with a wink. “I doubt it can result in anything weirder than last time.”

“I sure hope not,” Alex grunted with a voice low and gravely.

They’d both downed their drinks together and slammed the empty glasses back down to the bar simultaneously. He’d felt the liquid burn its way down his throat. It was like drinking liquid sunlight. “I hate vodka,” he’d complained with a grimace.

With her face flushed from the alcohol, Lacy agreed. After that, they decided to stay away from the vodka. It made them do crazy things.

Lacy had turned to him and asked him to take her out on the dance floor.

Before he could even begin to protest, he’d been grabbed from behind and thrown with inhuman strength toward the dance floor.

That is where he was now, staring up at the ceiling of the Nocturnal Lady and wincing at the pain shooting up his spine from hitting the unforgiving tile. With a groan, he hefted himself off the ground to face his attacker. He saw Lacy’s blue eyes widen in surprise, but didn’t have time to reassure her that he was perfectly fine before a boot was kicked into his gut. He stumbled backwards onto the dance floor, but finally managed to get a good look at his attacker.

The fangs protruding from the man’s mouth were a dead giveaway that he was a vampire. His shirt was a ghastly orange and brown swirl of a mess that reminded Alex of vomit. His pants were brown corduroy with belled bottoms. “A vampire trapped in the seventies,” Alex observed dryly. “Not cool.”

Lacy, who had raced to the edge of the dance floor during his attack, giggled at this, seemingly recovered from her initial shock.

He frowned in response. He’d been spending too much time with this little vixen. When had he ever even noticed an enemy’s outfit before, let alone commented on it? He didn’t do witty banter. He fought. He killed. He went about his day. While he was distracted by these thoughts, the vampire in 70s apparel aimed a kick at his ribs.

Alex jumped to the side. He avoided the majority of the blow, the vampire’s heeled boot grazing his midsection. Lacy watched with interest as he ducked a punch aimed at his jaw. “You need help, baby?”

Alex yanked a stake from his back pocket, flipping it so the thick end rested in his palm. When the other man charged him, Alex took him by surprise by jamming the stake deep into the vampire’s chest. He watched the vampire turn to dust with grim satisfaction, then spun to Lacy. “No. I don’t need help. Like you would know what to do with a vampire.”

Lacy shrugged, unconcerned.

Alex sighed, but couldn’t stop his lip from twitching in amusement as it threatened a smile. “Thank you anyway.” He glanced around them. Seeing at least two more vampires approaching, he quickly returned his gaze to her. “I’ve gotten their attention. Things are probably about to get very violent,” he hollered to her over the still pumping music. “You should get somewhere safe.”

Lacy nodded. “I absolutely agree. Somewhere safe.”

To his amazement, she took five steps away from him and struck a sexy pose. Her foot started tapping, and then her head started bobbing. A moment later, her hips started swaying.

His jaw dropped in disbelief as she started dancing, her body gyrating to the music that pounded through the speakers that surrounded the room. “Lacy,” he chastised, “I said somewhere safe!”

She gave him a playful wink and turned her back on him. Her hands lifted above her head, her fists pumping the air in time to the beat of a song he’d never heard before.

“I cannot believe—” Alex’s complaints were cut short by a fist colliding with his nose. He grunted in pain, his hand moving to cover his bleeding face as he reeled backwards. “Damn it,” he growled. “That wasn’t fair.” A stupid comment, he knew. Criminals never played fair, and vampires were even worse than humans.

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15 January 2015

Hello!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today! 

Thanks for hosting me!

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

My hero in Desire Disguised, Security Chief Ben Zashi, appeared in the first book of my Love Under a New Star series and in his quiet way let me know he’d like to find his true love, so I had to oblige. I decided to make things difficult for him by introducing him to a heroine who is even more private and withdrawn than he was, so he had his work cut out for him. Cara Belasco, my heroine, has good reason to keep to herself since she’s been on the run with her little brother since she was eight. When she arrives on his planet, he’s very suspicious of her cover story and initially approaches her as a law enforcement officer who needs to know if she poses a threat to the community he’s sworn to protect. As he gets to know her, a more personal interest takes hold. For her part, Cara has to learn to trust a new person which is very out of character for her. Both Cara and Ben have to really grow as people in order to overcome all the barriers between them.

Q) Do you have any habits that get you in the writing frame of mind?

I’m in the mood to write whenever the house is quiet! I’m a stay at home mom to a very precocious seven year old so I live with constant noise and interruption. Every peaceful moment sees me at the computer typing as fast as I can. If I have the luxury of a couple of hours to myself, I like to make a pot of tea to keep me refreshed as I write. I don’t really listen to much music or snack when I write, nor do I like to venture out to coffee shops or gathering places.

Q) If you could choose, which published author would you like to brainstorm with and why?

Bilbo Baggins, of course! I’d love to visit the Shire and stop by Bag End for tea, biscuits, and cheese and listen to all of Bilbo’s stories. I admire the way he wrote The Hobbit and the chance to get some great anecdotes about dwarves, elves, wizards, and dreadful orcs and goblins would certainly inspire a couple of fantasy books for me. Bilbo would likely be very red-faced if he read any of my steamier scenes, so I doubt I’d ask if he’d like to be a critique partner.

Q) What are your upcoming projects?

I have another small town contemporary coming out with Liquid Silver hopefully by the end of March. It’s the story of a school bus driver and a movie star and how they meet and fall and love. I’m also working on completing a couple of sci-fi erotic romances under my other pen name, J. J. Lore and I will hopefully self-publish a title in 2015 too. I’m also working on writing a short naughty fairy tale and it’s been great fun so far. That’s all I have planned for the first quarter of the year, after that, who knows what I’ll come up with?

Desire Disguised
Love Under a New Star Book 2
By Lynn Rae
Liquid Silver Books
5 January 2015

Cara Belasco has been on the run from assassins since childhood. Living in the shadows with her younger brother and one elderly guardian, her luck nearly runs out when the smuggler’s ship carrying them crashes into a soggy jungle planet.
Ben Zashi, the stalwart head of security who rescued her from the wreckage, is very curious about her cover story, and Cara has to fend off his inquires as well as her escalating attraction for him. Will the secrets she’s been hiding come between them, or can Cara allow herself to find passion with the one man who longs to protect her?

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Cara followed at a jog, or tried to for a few paces until a broad chest appeared in her line of sight, blocking her view of the doorway. Ben Zashi. She’d forgotten about him for a few minutes, which was a first during her time on Gamaliel. He held up both hands and tilted his head, his eyebrow quirked in an inquiring fashion.
“What? Move, I need to go—”
“Actually it would be better if you waited.” He directed her to stand by his door and she did, too shocked by his interference to protest. He walked into their suite of rooms, and she heard his low voice, too indistinct to make out any words. Mat replied a few times and Ben returned, closing the door behind him.
“What are you doing? I need to get in there and—”
“No, you need to get in here unless you want everyone in the building to hear this,” Ben commanded, and a flicker of something close to fear wrapped in a thrill fluttered in her chest.
He jerked his chin at the door behind her, and she turned and entered his rooms. She’d never been inside. The layout seemed to mirror their suite, but she was too unsettled to take notice of more than a piano and a blue sofa. Whirling around as soon as she heard the door close, she found she was face to face with an unsmiling man.
“Give yourself a minute, Cara.”
She shook her head. “No, let me out of here. I need to talk with him.” She’d just found Mat, and this man was going to keep her from him. Unacceptable.
She tried to dodge around him, but he was too quick, flinging out an arm to block one side of the hall, and then the other when she tried it again. Her frustration built up in her chest, and she found it hard to take a deep breath. Ben’s dark eyes never left hers as he talked.
“Listen. You’re upset. He’s upset. Take a breather before you see him. He’s safe in there, and he’s not going anywhere tonight.”
“How do you know that? He just disappeared—”
“No, he went to a new friend’s house and thought he’d have time to get back here before you returned. The school routine is new for him, and he just forgot to check his datpad. Cara, listen, he’s just being a kid, don’t be so hard on him—”
The anger popped in her head in a burst of red light, and all the years of fear, the stress that never let up fueled her rage as she lifted her hands fully intending to shove at Ben’s broad chest with all her might. “You don’t know what you’re talking about. I have to be hard on him or he’ll—we’ll die.”
Her strength failed her as soon as she touched him, and her arms gave out before she could actually push. Ben pulled her in as she fell against him. “Nobody died.”
“But we will,” Cara muttered into his chest as his arms wrapped tightly around her. She wasn’t going to be able to do this on her own. Two men had already died protecting them, and Soren was nearly dead. That left her, a naïve woman with no experience or skills.
“Not on my watch.”
“I can’t do this.” Cara shivered into the comfortable warmth of Ben and tried to talk herself into some courage. She had to do it, there was no one else. But she’d already lost Mat once in the few days she’d been responsible.
Something moving against her hair distracted her. Ben’s grip on her loosened, and with an unexpected ache, she realized he was going to let her go. She didn’t want that, not yet, so she slid her hands around his arms and held on. He said something low she couldn’t make out, and he touched her hair again. The soft and mysterious strokes were mesmerizing. She could hear his heart beating and the steady thump made her feel sleepy, a strange reaction after so much heightened emotion.
Ben moved one of his hands to her cheek and tilted her head to peer at her. She stared into his eyes and wanted to fall into unconsciousness, to just let all of it go for the rest of the day. A respite from her tattered life was all she wanted.
Ben frowned, looked at her mouth, and said, “Blast it.” Then, he kissed her.

Author Bio:
Lynn Rae makes her home in land-locked central Ohio after time spent in the former Great Black Swamp, beside the Ohio River, and along the Miami and Erie Canal.  With professional experience in fields ranging from contract archaeology to librarianship along with making donuts and teaching museum studies, Lynn enjoys incorporating her quirky sense of humor and real-life adventures into her writing (except the naughty bits).  She writes sci-fi, contemporary, and historical romances. You can find her posting frequently on Facebook at or at her webpage

13 January 2015
Hello!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today! 
Thank you for inviting me!

Q) Do you have any habits that get you in the writing frame of mind?

I have two boys, 5 & 7, and a daytime job, so my writing time is anywhere between 4am and when the kids wake up! I don’t use an alarm, the storyline does that for me. I love that time of day though, the silence is more complete.

Q) Is this part of a series?  If so, tell us about it!

Yes, this is the first novel of the Desperate series. I am working on the second book in the series, Desperate; The price of freedom at the moment. It is Tristan (Eric’s brother) and Grace’s story.

Q) What are your upcoming projects?

In addition to the Desperate series, I have just finished the draft copy of the first in a new series, Sage. It’s also a romantic suspense, but this one has a touch of the paranormal woven in. I thoroughly enjoyed writing Sage, and can’t wait to see what my readers think. Although the writing style is slightly different (it’s written in the third person), it still has a strong suspense element, as well as the hot and steamy romance that I can’t resist including.


How do you start over while your past still stalks you?

Meticulous planning gets Ivy half way across the world, with a new identity. But Blake is no ordinary ex-husband, he is a corrupt private investigator with links to London’s underworld.

Eric Prescott, a handsome and successful property developer knows Ivy is hiding something, and from someone. At first Eric only wants to help, but soon finds himself falling for this beautiful woman with the haunting eyes. In one night of explosive passion, Ivy finally gives in. And discovers love, the way it’s meant to be.

Ivy finally dares to believe she is free, but soon faces losing all that she has come to love the day her ex-husband is released from jail. She knows it is only a matter of time before he will return to serve the full force of his deadly vengeance.
Be Warned: bondage

At precisely seven o’clock, the intercom sounds, and I press the button allowing access to the inner building. I cross the room to unlock the latches on the front door, leaving it slightly ajar.

Dashing back into my bedroom, I grab my clutch, phone and lip gloss. Quickly, I apply a light spray of my favorite perfume. When I return to the lounge, the front door is closed but the room is empty.

The picture on the wall is now hanging straight.

My heart gallops irregularly in my chest as I realize I didn’t check that it was Eric before I pressed the button.

Could Blake be here?

Breathe. In … out … in … out. I order myself to calm. The horror of my marriage with Blake returns in a single, sickening rush. What will he do when he finds me?

“Hello?” I call out, but my voice is raspy, barely a whisper.

I desperately hope for Eric’s easygoing greeting to ring out, but there is nothing but silence. My blood runs cold, and I can’t breathe.

My mobile slips from my shaking fingers. The thud as it hits the floor startles me out of shock, and I bend down to retrieve my phone. My lifeline.

Gripping my bag tightly, I estimate there are ten steps to the door. Silently I take the first few steps. On my fifth step, a shadow moves to my left, and I bolt the last distance and fling the door open with enough force that it bounces off the wall. I run to the elevator instead of the stairs, hoping it will be faster.

I jab frantically at the button. The screen indicates it has just left the ground floor.


It’s not going to arrive in time. I bounce up and down on the spot. Do I have time to take the stairs?

I’ll have to run past my front door to get there. Can I even run down the stairs in these shoes? I won’t have time to take them off; they have tiny buckles. Irrational thoughts flood through my mind, and I imagine myself stumbling and falling down the stairwell,only to land in a crumpled heap at the bottom.

Hurry up, damn it. The elevator has reached the second floor. There are six more to go.

Perhaps I should take the stairs?

“Ivy.” The voice permeates the fog of panic in my mind. It doesn’t sound like a sword being drawn out of a scabbard, sending cold shivers down my spine. It sounds soothing, like a cup of warm chocolate. The voice is calling for Ivy, not Sarah.

My mind blanks, and slowly, I turn towards the voice. The elevator rings, signaling its arrival. I can escape now. I look at Eric’s concerned face and realize there is no need to run. He puts a bottle of wine and a glass down on the ground just inside my apartment door and stands in front of me, grasping my shoulders.

“Ivy, are you okay? What is it?”

I realize how I must appear, like a wild animal that has just been through the throes of a chase from a predator. Eric pulls me to him in a powerful crush.

“Jesus, you are shaking like a leaf.” He runs a hand up and down my back, and I can hear his heartbeat, strong, calm, and reassuring through his chest.

Relief that Eric is here and not Blake, hits me with a powerful rush. Pulling away, I try to stand, but my knees wobble then buckle beneath me. When I hit the cold floor, I start to cry from the reminder that this is still far from over.

I still live with extreme fear that Blake will find me. And of what will happen when he does.

Strong arms lift me and through my sobs, and I hear the door shut. Finally, I begin to quiet enough to hear his soft, soothing words murmuring against my hair.

As my strength begins to return, I wriggle out of his arms. “Did you straighten that picture?” I demand.

Eric shrugs. “It was crooked.”

“Well, don’t … just don’t touch my things, all right?”

“Okay.” His face falls, and I immediately feel bad. He can’t possibly know that every day for years I lived with Blake’s obsessive compulsion to have things absolutely straight, and ordered the way he wanted it, right down to the cutlery in the drawer and the type of food we kept in the fridge.

I glance uneasily over to the vertical strip on the kitchen blind, and a shiver rolls down my spine. I still think I would have noticed it at some point before tonight. I have been living here for months now.

I can’t shake an instinctual feeling that he has been here, and it’s what caused my apparent overreaction tonight. No matter how hard I try I can’t dislodge the thick and heavy sense of foreboding that has settled over me.

“Can you tell me what put that look of terror on your face and caused you to run for your life just now?”

My eyes take in the bottle of wine and empty glass on the floor. I realize Eric probably went straight to the kitchen when he arrived, casually straightening the picture on his way past. I cringe at how I must appear to him.

“You thought it was him. You thought he found you.” It wasn’t a question, but I nod anyway, not trusting myself to speak past the constriction in my throat.

“And the picture, straightening it is something he would do.”

Once again, I nod yes, and tears roll silently and unchecked down my cheeks.

“Oh Eric, I am so sorry.” A huge sob escapes, resounding loudly in the small room. I look away as embarrassment heats my cheeks.

“Sweet Jesus, what has that bastard done to you?”


Siren Bookstrand:


Athena Daniels is the pseudonym of a wife, mother and business partner who takes any opportunity she can get to disappear into the world of fantasy.  When not reading she writes romantic suspense.  Hot, steamy romance where complicated and damaged characters are thrown together in suspenseful drama. 
One day, she hopes to fulfil her dream to write full time.  In the meantime, she hopes you enjoy her debut novel, Desperate.  If you follow the scent of coffee and chocolate, you will find her busy working on the sequel. Desperate: The Price of Freedom. 
The first novel of a new series, Sagewill be coming in 2015.  It’s a steamy romantic suspense with a paranormal twist.

11 January 2015
Massey, TX 7
Rebuilding her life was never in Elizabeth Davidson’s plans, but things rarely go according to plan. At least she had Massey, TX to call home when she needed a place to tuck herself away from one mistake after another. What she hadn’t planned on was becoming embroiled in the middle of a multi-agency case. Or becoming one of the victims.

Frank Carver, Jr. loves Massey, TX. It’s the place of his birth, and will always be the place he considers home. Because of the nature of his job, and the people he’s come across during the years, he’s always been careful to never lead that danger back home. But when danger finds its way into the very heart of his town, he has no other choice but to return. Especially when Elizabeth, the only woman he could ever love ends up with a target on her back.


“I’m sure that there is a woman out there that would take you, that wants you.” She did. God help Eli, but she wanted him desperately. She wanted him to be in her life, she wanted to have him, but was too afraid to tell him. “One day, she’s going to walk into your life and you will put the job behind you and stay around. I just know it.”

His gaze clashed with hers, and held. For long moments, it felt like he was peeling away the layers, seeing farther than anyone ever should. “Oh, of that I’m quite sure,” he said. “But she’ll have to wait a little longer. I have one, maybe two more very important things I need to attend to before she’ll have my full attention. If she’s even ready for it, of course.”

Eli felt her heart fall, but she nodded, plastered on a fake smile, and pulled her hand back from him. So he already knew who it was that he wanted. Of course he did. He was an amazing man and would of course already know who he wanted to be with. “I’m sure that she would be ready. She will wait for you. You are worth it, Frank.” She would wait forever for him, and that was just plain sad. Right, so since he knew who he wanted, that meant she really did need to get on with her life. “Finish eating,” she said simply, and picked up her chicken leg.

He didn’t look away, though, his gaze steady on her long enough to start to unnerve her. Then, shockingly, his lips curled into the smallest of grins. “She doesn’t even have the faintest clue, but she will,” he said. “Eventually, she’ll clue into the fact that I know exactly how she feels and will get with the program, I’m sure.” He finally looked away from her, and returned his attention to his plate.

Whoever it was, well, she was a very lucky woman indeed. She turned her focus back to her food and took her time eating. She had to admit, the food really was very good. It was better than she had anticipated, so that was good at least.

“You’re awfully quiet,” he said a time later. His plate was cleaned of everything but the chicken bones. “Something on your mind, Eli?” Frank was leaning back in his seat, his legs stretched out under the table, his entire posture extremely relaxed.

“Just trying to think of who this woman is that you have a thing for,” she blurted out, blushing as she realized that she really had said that aloud. “So, apple pie. You want some and ice cream? I have plain vanilla to go with the pie. Works better that way, I think.”

One of his eyebrows went up, and if she wasn’t completely mistaken, he appeared to be fighting a grin. “Never liked ice cream on my pie, dilutes the flavors, to my way of thinking. So I’ll just have a piece straight up, if you don’t mind. Any thoughts on who this mystery woman might be?”

“Not the first clue,” she admitted, and stood. “Will you clear the plates? I will get the pie if you will do that, please.” She would box up the leftovers and ensure that Frank was able to take that out to the guys. “So just plain apple pie, I can do that.”

His heat was the first thing she felt along her spine. He put his hands on the counter on either side of her, effectively trapping her. “Think on it for a while, Eli. I’m sure you can figure it out. You’re a wonderfully brilliant woman, after all. I’ll even give you a clue if you think it will help.”

“I think I might need it.” She turned so she could look up at him. She had no idea who it was that he might have a thing for. Her hand braced on Frank’s chest and she bit her lower lip. “Tell me?” She wanted to know who it was that he was talking about. She wanted to be able to hate that woman.

“All right,” he said. Tipping his head slightly, he appeared to think for a moment. “She’s amazing, fierce in her own way, and pretty much thinks she’s the last person on the planet who would garner attention from me. And as a bonus clue…” He looked her dead in the eye again. “She’s the only person who I’d climb over my family to get to.” Tapping the end of her nose, he turned and went to the table to begin gathering up the dishes and food.

She just looked at him. She couldn’t stop staring. She was missing something and felt incredibly stupid at that moment. “Me?” She gasped finally, realizing exactly who he was talking about. “Frank.” She moved and reached out to grab his arm. “Are you talking about me?”

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